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Player Profile: Denyk, Support Dad


It’s no secret that Misfits has gathered many rookies in their 2020 lineup. Whether due to their age or due to lack of experience on a large stage, these players will likely need some guidance to grow and succeed. Fortunately, Petr “Denyk” Haramach is here to show Misfits the way.

A Proven Talent

Hailing from the Czech Republic, the support main has been playing league on a competitive level since all the way back in 2013. As a member of team eXtatus, he took part in a number of local events and leagues during the first years of his career, such as the MČR 2014 and RoG Masters.

Denyk then had a successful and long stay as a part of Fraternitas, another Czech team with which he would manage to place first or second in most of the local tournaments that they took part in.

After trying and failing to qualify for the EUCS in 2017 as a part of Spanish team x6stence, Denyk would join Czech organization eSuba. It’s as a part of eSuba that the support really had his time to shine. With him, the team took first place in all of the six events that they qualified for, including Hitpoint Masters (Seasons 7 and 9), Legends Series Season 1 and Dreamhack Leipzig 2018. Thus, eSuba was a strong contender to the title of strongest team of its region.

Denyk as a member of Vodafone Giants (Courtesy of LVP)

The transition to Giants Gaming (or Vodafone Giants) in late 2018 would mark an important milestone in Denyk’s career. Up until that point, the support main had proven to be one of the most valuable talents in his country. With Giants, he would finally enter a bigger stage to test his skill against some of the best players and teams in all of Europe, if not the World. As a member of Giants, Denyk would go on to take second place in two of the biggest tourneys in League: The Spanish Superliga (summer 2018) and the Iberian Cup (2018).

The 2019 season proved to be even more successful. After a disappointing 5-6th place during the Spring Split playoffs, Giants would finish their year strong by taking home the gold in the Superliga Summer Playoffs (2019), second in the EU Masters (2019) and second in the Iberian Cup (2019).

An Exemplary Attitude

It takes a special kind of player to achieve such constant success over the course of several years. Raw skill can only get you so far in an environment where lineups, metas and compositions are always drastically changing. A good League professional requires an attitude fit for the training, for the travelling, for the relationships with coaches and teammates and for the incredible amount of stress and pressure.

Luckily, Denyk has a brilliant personality. A video published by the Giants Gaming (or Vodafone Giants) YouTube account does a good job at featuring his attitude.

His teammate, Iván “Razork” Martín Díaz, who will also be joining him in the future Misfits lineup, described him as the team’s “Father” in-game.

Denyk is shown to be a natural leader. He watches out for his companions both inside and outside the game. He is the kind of player who is active and decisive in the communication of the team and will have a sizeable impact in their teamwork and growth. His calm but strict nature is one that is fundamental. In high pressure situations, an outspoken, experienced and coolheaded voice can lead the team to the path of victory.

This is exactly the promise that Denyk brings to the brand new Misfits squad: consistency and leadership. A team looking to develop talent needs someone like him in their roster.

A Promising Synergy

Though a good personality is always nice, players should know how to play, and there is no doubt that Denyk knows how to play League.

Throughout the years and teams, he’s proven to be good both at aggressive and defensive styles of support, adapting to the needs of his teammates. His signature champion, Braum, is one that excels in defensive compositions, often with hyperscaling carries. However he is also often seen piloting the Nautilus, Rakan or Pyke and going for decisive initiations or roams that can quickly turn the game around.

via @Misfits

The decision to bring in both Denyk and Razork was quite smart on the side of Misfits. They had previously played together in Giants Gaming, which had a strong three man core in their Jungle, Midlaner and Support. Giants would usually assign a tank to the top laner and base their style around early to midgame aggression and roaming. They would take advantage of Razork’s incredible Lee, Elise and Gragas and Denyk’s Nautilus, Rakan and Thresh to get picks on the map.

Otherwise, Denyk went Braum, Alistar or Tahm kench and played more around his own carry.

By bringing a duo that is used to play together and work around each other to create situations and opportunities on the map, Misfits is giving themselves a head start. The team has an identity that they can work and build upon, all with the guidance of their trusty support dad, Denyk.


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