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Peanut and Bdd Traded In Gen.G and NS Redforce Roster Swap

Gen.G Peanut

In one of the more interesting offseason moves, former T1 and NS Jungler Peanut has been traded for Gen.G’s Mid Laner, Bdd. This comes after two interesting seasons for the respective teams. NS had a bad Spring Split, but was able to turn it around in time for the Summer Split. Unfortunately, despite this, they still couldn’t make the Worlds run. Gen.G on the other hand seemed to have fell apart in the Summer. They were not able to win any big matches, but were always able to beat teams beneath them. They made it to Worlds due to this and made Semifinals despite all expectations. The swap was announced in the tweet below:

Why Did Gen.G and NS Do This?

Despite making Worlds, Gen.G has had a lack of domestic success. They always seem to be the runner up in most situations. It makes sense to want to improve the roster, but why replace Bdd of all people? The answer is simple, Chovy. If the rumors are true, Gen.G has got the biggest fish of the offseason, Chovy. With him, it makes sense to trade or sell Bdd to another team. Clid was somewhat a weak point on the roster. Replacing him with Peanut who had a great split on NS makes sense.

For NS this is a huge win. Peanut was good, but Bdd is a rock in the Mid Lane and a great player to build around. Most teams would take this trade in a heart beat. NS also seems to be changing most of its roster as well. Unfortunately, NS has had a shady offseason. They have allegedly made offers for Ghost and Canna and revoked them. This had led to a lot of offseason drama, but also has made the future of the team uncertain.

The LCK in 2022 is already looking to be incredibly competitive.

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