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Patch 9.24 has just been Revealed

Patch 9.24 has just been Revealed

Patch 9.24 has just been revealed by Riot Games, bringing new skin lines, one new champion and a mini rework. Champion and game balance changes were implemented in the mid-patch update, so there are very few changes in this patch. Expect the new update to launch on Wednesday, December 11.



Aphelios, The Weapon of the Faithful is the newest addition to the League of Legends champion roster, and he is currently being tested on the PBE. He is an attack damage carry that introduces some new mechanics to the game. He has five different weapons in his kit that each have a set amount of ammo and unique abilities.

His Q has an effect that is based on whatever weapon he currently has equipped, and can swap to a secondary weapon with his W. Once a weapon runs out of ammo, he will equip the next weapon in the queue. The most interesting part of his kit is that he doesn’t have an E ability due to how many different options his weapons, Q and ultimates provide. Aphelios’s ultimates have an effect that is based on his current weapon. A more in-depth look at his entire kit can be found here.


Diana Mini Rework

Patch 9.24 has just been Revealed
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Diana is receiving a mini rework in patch 9.24 that could make her a more viable pick. Her base attack damage, mana and mana per level are increasing. The attack speed her passive grants will triple from casting a spell. The mana costs on Crescent Strike and Pale Cascade are decreasing, and the shield on Pale Cascade will now scale off of bonus health rather than ability power. Lunar Rush and Moonfall will be swapped, and they will both be changed significantly. Moonfall will now dish out a large amount of magic damage after a one-second delay. The damage on Lunar Rush is decreasing to compensate for becoming a basic ability, and the addition of damage on Moonfall. This will significantly change Diana’s play style, and it will be interesting to see how these changes affect her gameplay.


New Skin Lines

Patch 9.24 has just been Revealed
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

There are three new skin lines that will release alongside patch 9.24. The Dawnbringer skin line is light in color and will include skins for Karma, Nidalee and Soraka. The Nightbringer skin line is a dark contrast to the Dawnbringer skin line and will include skins for Soraka, Lee Sin, Aphelios and Vladimir. The Sugar Rush skin line is a candy theme and will include skins for Braum, Zilean, Evelynn and Ziggs. There will also be a Hextech skin for Swain, and it will cost 10 gemstones.


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Featured photo from Riot Games

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