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Patch 10.2 Has Been Revealed

Patch 10.2 Has Just Been Revealed

League of Legends patch 10.2 has been revealed by Riot Games. This will patch will include champion, item and Rift Herald changes, as well as new skins. The following are the important changes that are coming with patch 10.2


Patch 10.2 Has Just Been Revealed
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

A total of three champions and two items are receiving nerfs in patch 10.2.

Aphelios has felt incredibly strong since his release, and the balance team have been taking steps in the past few patches to bring him to a healthy state. For Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle, the Q cooldown is increasing and the basic attack mark damage is decreasing. For Crescendum, the Chakram, the basic attack damage at later ranks is decreasing to lower his ability to scale. Severum, the Scythe Pistol, is receiving a nerf on the scaling of his Q damage.

Nautilus is an incredibly strong early game lane bully that tends to do a bit too much damage. The base damage on his Q, Dredge Line, is decreasing.

Qiyana is a nightmare to deal with in the jungle, especially as a flex pick in professional play. The passive attack speed on her W, Terrashape, will now scale to discourage jungling with her.

Critical strike items have been over-performing ever since the recent changes. Players are stacking Cloak of Agility on champions that build critical strike to reach their power spikes faster. The critical strike that Cloak of Agility grants is decreasing from 25 percent to 20. Stormrazor has become a core item for many critical strike champions, and has been a bit too strong. The attack damage on Stormrazor is decreasing from 55 to 50.


Patch 10.2 Has Just Been Revealed
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Seven champions, one item and the Rift Herald are receiving buffs in patch 10.2.

Draven is receiving a buff on the damage scaling for his ultimate, Whirling Death, which should help him transition better into the mid and late stages of the game.

The bonus movement speed from Jinx’s passive, Get Excited!, will now also apply from epic monsters that her team slays.

Karma has fallen off as a solo laner recently, so she is receiving some buffs to her base damages. The base damage on her Q, Inner Flame, is increasing by 10 at each rank. The base damage on her W, Focused Resolve, is increasing by 10 at each rank.

Lulu’s armor and attack damage are being rounded up to whole numbers. The cooldown on her E, Help, Pix!, is also decreasing by two seconds.

Sona is receiving a major buff to her ability to dodge skillshots and roam around the map. The self-movement speed boost on her E, Song of Celerity, will now provide a flat 25 percent movement speed bonus, and the scaling off of ability power is increasing.

Trundle has been considered a weaker champion for an extended period of time, and the buffs will improve his ability to pull off effective ganks. The movement speed bonus on his W, Frozen Domain, is increasing by 10 percent at each rank, and the slow on his E, Pillar of Ice is increasing by five percent at each rank.

Ziggs has been on the weaker side of the mage class for a long time, and the buffs may bring him back into the spotlight. The base damage on his Q, Bouncing Bomb, is increasing by 10 at each rank. The enemy knockback distance on his W, Satchel Charge, is increasing by 100. The slow on his E, Hexplosive Minefield, is increasing by 10 percent at each rank.

Frozen Heart is receiving a minor buff to make it more comparable to other popular armor items. The armor is increasing by 10.

The health on Rift Herald is decreasing so it will be much easier for teams to take it down. This may increase the priority that teams place upon securing Rift Herald, as well as putting more incentive on early top side pressure.


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