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OP-5 Coming into Worlds Semifinals

TheShy is the most OP top laner in Worlds Semifinals.

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship moves into its semifinal phase, with G2 facing SK Telecom T1 and Invictus Gaming taking on Funplus Phoenix. These top four include the first seeds from the LEC, the LCK and the LPL, as well as last year’s World Champion. Each team has its own star players, and most of these organizations have rich histories of experience. However, based on quarterfinals performance, here are the most important players for each role. These players will most likely make the difference in Worlds Semifinals and carry their team to the Finals. 


4.6 KDA (1st)  601 DPM (1st)  +26 CSD15 (1st)  7 SOLO KILLS (1st)

TheShy has stood out as the most consistent and threatening top laner at the World Championship. He is a huge reason that IG has made such a deep run, and he will continue to be that reason if they are to take down FPX. TheShy is first place among top laners in almost every metric that matters. His Vladimir is insanely strong, which forces IG’s opponent to pick or ban him. TheShy also has one of the strongest Kayle’s at the tournament, so drafting becomes that much more difficult for FPX. 


5.2 KDA (2nd)  371 DPM (2nd)  +14 CSD15 (1st)  3 SOLO KILLS (1st)

FPX’s jungler has really proved his worth in this tournament, and it was visibly apparent in their last match-up versus Fnatic. Broxah was unable to impact the map in similar ways, while also falling behind in farm and losing objectives. With so much conversation surrounding how strong of a player Doinb may or may not be, most agree Tian’s cohesion with his mid laner is a major key to FPX’s success. With monster performances on Gragas, Olaf and Qiyana, Tian has shown a range of jungle styles. The jungle difference between Tian and Ning or Leyan could be significant for the Worlds Semifinals. 

Caps and Perkz are the most OP mid and bottom laners in Worlds Semifinals
Image from LoL Esports Flickr


5.0 KDA (4th)  434 DPM (7th)  +13 CSD15 (1st)   7 SOLO KILLS (1st)

What is most valuable in a mid laner–a higher laning advantage, more roaming and assists, or the highest damage later in the game? That’s a big conversation on the League of Legends subreddit right now, mainly surrounding Doinb’s individual performance. Regardless, the four remaining teams all have strong mid laners, and no single one stands above the rest in every way. Caps is as close as it gets, especially considering their quarterfinals performances. He has had the strongest Syndra of the tournament. He also had DAMWON’s Showmaker as his most recent opponent, and put on some of his best games yet. If G2 takes down SKT, the Caps versus Faker match-up will certainly play a part. 


3.9 KDA (8th)  451 DPM (6th)  +14 CSD15 (2nd)   

What a timeline, where a player role-swaps from mid to bottom lane, and not only services the positions, but actually performs at a world-class standard. Perkz has been having a fantastic Worlds run individually, and G2’s best games heavily involve him. While long-time high-level ADCs like Uzi, Rekkles and Doublelift have fallen out of contention, Perkz remains. Interestingly, the laning phase is his strongest point in the game, but his teamfighting is very strong, too. SKT took down Kobbe and crew in the quarterfinals, but G2 is the final LEC boss. Teddy might not be bold enough to draft Draven in this Worlds Semifinals match-up. 

Crisp is the most OP support in Worlds Semifinals
Image from LoL Esports Flickr


5.8 KDA (2nd)  10.7 AVG ASSISTS (2nd)  +242 XPD15 (3rd)   

The top four teams all have solid supports, but Crisp has been a bit more polished than the rest. Mikyx, Effort and Baolan have all had some lowered performances, while Crisp has been more consistent since Group Stage. FPX’s last series against Fnatic brought out more Tahm Kench, with which he is currently sporting a 48.0 KDA. Crisp seems like the most adept support with Nautilus, and his Rakan is strong. Watching him match up against Baolan and the rest of IG will be exciting. 

Images from LoL Esports Flickr

All statistics from Games of Legends

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