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Offseason 2022 LCS Power Rankings

LCS Power Rankings

The LCS teams have finally finished their rosters for the 2022 LCS season. There are certainly a lot of new faces and fans will likely be arguing over who is best for the next few weeks. With the LCS Lock In tournament just under two weeks away it is time for a way too early 2022 LCS Power Rankings.

As a quick reminder, these are where the teams stand as of the rosters being finalized. Obviously, the games still need to be played and many of these teams will need time to gel. Be on the lookout for predictions for the end of the Spring Split LCS Power Rankings later this offseason.

Check out all of the LCS rosters here

10. Dignitas

For a team that seemed to be all in on young NA talent and found success with it at the beginning of 2021, Dignitas made some strange decisions for 2022. Bringing back FakeGod was a bit of a surprise while keeping Neo was not. He finally showed what he could do when given time to develop. Unfortunately, he will have Biofrost as his support instead of aphromoo. This is not as much a problem with Biofrost as he can probably be a solid support but most young adcs have a bit of a slump after aphromoo leaves the team.

As for the mid and jungle duo, River from PSG Talon, yes the Worlds team and Blue from SK Gaming, yes the team that had no identity in 2021, are joining the team. River has a chance to surprise a lot of fans and could be a top jungler but there are a lot of questions surrounding Blue. He was not overly impressive in the LEC and having a below-average mid laner is generally a problem for any team.

Overall Dignitas have talent but their solo laners bring up some major questions. Neo and River are going to have to carry very hard for this team to find success and move up the LCS Power Rankings.

Potential Range for the Team: 10th-6th

9. CLG

At least they aren’t last, right? CLG scrapped everything and are clearly all-in on getting young talent and building their team around the pieces that prove they belong. Starting with Jenkins in the top lane, CLG have a piece that fans want to see more of. He impressed while filling in for Alphari last year but it was just a taste. This year he has the opportunity to prove to fans that he can be more. Contractz is also being given another chance after impressing with EG. It is hard to believe that CLG were not one of the teams that were going for Kenvi, but Contractz was probably the next best native option and one that brings some knowns to a team full of unknowns.

Palafox in the mid lane shows that CLG believe what he showed last year was not who he really can be. As one of the top mid prospects for so long, Palafox had some good games and some games where he was invisible. He will need to mesh with Contractz in order to live up to the expectations that were once on him. Lastly, there is the duo Luger and Poome. The 100 Thieves Academy players were easily one of if not the best duo in Academy last season and have a chance to be the spark for this CLG team.

CLG are an interesting team in the fact that if their players are able to have their best drawn out of them, then they could be a playoff team and quickly move up LCS Power Rankings. If they aren’t then it could be another miserable year for CLG fans. To give fans some hope, it is hard not to lean towards the playoff picture considering the changes this org made in their overall philosophy.

Potential Range for the Team: 10th-4th

8. FlyQuest

Considering how things were looking for FlyQuest at the end of 2021, it feels as though they have much more of a clear direction heading into 2022. Kumo played well in his few games up on the main stage but there are still some major issues he will have to address. At a minimum, it seems as though he will be able to stabilize as a weakside top laner. Josedeodo returns and it feels as though FlyQuest are putting most of their eggs into his basket. If he struggles then this team could fall back pretty substantially.

The newest member of this team and one that most fans haven’t heard of is Toucouille. He played well in the LFL even though his team struggled and it feels as though he could find his footing in the LCS. Should he be able to then he could be a nice surprise for the team. The bot lane duo of Johnsun and aphromoo are where most of the team’s hopes should lie. When on Dignitas together, Johnsun looked like one of the top adcs in the LCS. With aphromoo lining up with Johnsun once again, this could be a very strong bot lane for FlyQuest.

FlyQuest clearly have question marks at major positions. That said if they can play through Johnsun, they could be a much better team than where they are in these LCS Power Rankings. Look for Josedeodo to take some major steps to help FlyQuest fight for a playoff spot.

Potential Range for the Team: 10th-4th

7. Immortals

Of nearly every team in the LCS, Immortals are one of the hardest to figure out. The oddest part about it is that they are one of the teams with the most knowns in terms of players. Revenge is the exception to that as he seems to slowly but steadily be getting better. If he can minimize his bad games then there is no doubt he could be a very solid top laner in the LCS. The problem is that he is a bit of a coinflip and considering the talent on Immortals, this could be an issue. As for the jungle, Xerxe will continue to do his thing and shine on somewhere between one and three champions and then struggle when they finally get banned out.

PowerOfEvil finds himself on yet another new team as he has been the one-year wonder throughout his career. He can be a top-three mid laner if the meta favors control mages, if not he becomes more middle tier. The bot lane of WildTurtle and Destiny will be solid if uninspiring but maybe that is all Immortals need?

The major issue with Immortals is that they don’t have a true carry, someone to take over the game when needed. PoE and WildTurtle can be those players but not consistently. That alongside the fact that they can be target-banned into oblivion at top, jungle and mid makes it hard to know what this team could do. They could finish as low as ninth or they could be a top-three team. It really depends on outside factors more than what is in their control.

Potential Range for the Team: 8th-3rd

6. Cloud9

There are going to be so many C9 fans that are going to be mad about this ranking but please make sure to read the disclaimer at the top, this is likely not where they will finish. Summit comes over as possibly the best pickup for C9’s offseason. He is a strong laner and should instantly be a top-tier top laner in the LCS. Blaber is a bit of a coinflip but not to the point where he is going to cost the team games that often. If he can be more of his MVP self then the sky is the limit for Blaber and possibly all of Cloud9.

In the mid lane is the former top laner, Fudge. This kid is clearly very gifted but for fans and even himself to think that he is a top-tier mid laner already is a bit farfetched. There is no doubt that he can reach that height but it won’t be at the start of the season. The biggest questions come with the bot lane for C9. Berseker is certainly a talented player and one that could be one of the best in the LCS but passing up on Zven again while keeping him on the team just seems insulting at this point. C9 need to commit to a player sooner rather than later at adc. As for support, this is easily the biggest question mark. Who is Winsome? Did the scouting depart find a hidden gem or a massive dud? Fans will get the chance to find out. As for Isles, it is clear that he is talented but is he good enough to move this team forward?

All of these questions, not the mention those about new head coach LS, will need to be answered before C9 are able to find themselves moving up LCS Power Rankings and competing for Worlds in 2022. The vision for Cloud9 is there and as more of the team comes into focus they should climb higher. The problem is that if most of these experiments fizzle out, then Cloud9 could be in for its worst season ever.

Potential Range for the Team: 9th-2nd

5. Golden Guardians

The urge to not rank Golden Guardians higher is very hard to deny. Licorice after coming over to GGs was back to being a top-tier top laner. He reminded everyone of what he is capable of and why he needs to be given more resources. One of the more head-scratching additions to the LCS was Pridestalkr. He has struggled in his time at the top level but has played well in EU Masters and the other second-tier European leagues. If he can be a more supportive jungler and get his solo laners ahead then his value could shine through in a major way.

The mid lane is where Golden Guardians’ shining gem is found in Ablazeolive. He is starting to come into his own after finally being given the chance to play in the LCS. Ablazolive has the chance to break into the top three mids in the LCS and GGs need to play through him should they hope to find success. The bot lane duo features Lost and Olleh. Lost played well enough for TSM but was not spectacular. Playing on a team with less stress and one that is willing to play through him more, Lost could really shine. The biggest question mark on the whole team is Olleh. There is no doubt that in his prime he was one of the best supports in the LCS. But after an extended break, many were surprised that he was able to find himself a starting spot with his former team.

Should Golden Guardians make their way into the playoffs, it will be on the back of their solo laners. They have an opportunity to have two of the best players at their positions and everyone else will need to give them as many resources to carry as possible in order to win. Many will believe this ranking is too high but the stats and eye test speak for themselves, Golden Guardians have a chance to be a good if not a good-plus team.

Potential Range for the Team: 7th-4th

4. TSM

Truthfully, this is probably too high for TSM. They are basically in a tier with GGs, C9 and IMT. Huni returns after seemingly finding his weakside playstyle for the first time in his career. Sure he still can coinflip a game but with TSM it was happening with much less frequency. TSM can and will play through top side to find success but when they need Huni to be weakside, he can be much more effective than in the past. As for Spica, well it seems as though this team was built around making him happy. The 2021 Summer MVP is primed for a great year but he will need to be a bit patient as his team finds their footing.

The new TSM mid laner is Kaeiduo and honestly, most people do not know much if anything about him. After one year in the LDL Kaeiduo apparently impressed TSM in a major way at their boot camps. The 20-year-old can play a variety of champions and playstyles in order to fit the team and was clearly the best player on his team. He will likely be TSM’s linchpin. If he is able to play well then so will the team, if not then it could be rough. The bot lane duo has the chance to challenge as one of the best in the LCS. Tactical comes to play for his former team and with one of his closest friends in Spica. He should be hitting his prime which should only help TSM as he is already a top-tier adc, when he isn’t cosplaying Malphite as Tristana. Shenyi also comes over from China as a highly touted support for FPX’s academy team. He has major playmaking ability and his potential could be as high as being the best support in the LCS one day.

Like the other teams in the fourth through seventh spots of these LCS Power Rankings, TSM have a lot of question marks. The reason why they are fourth is that they are likely more talented than Immortals and have less question marks than C9 and Golden Guardians. That said, Keaiduo and Shenyi could be duds while Huni, Spica and Tactical all regress. Don’t forget about the stress that comes just playing for TSM as well. The vision for TSM is certainly there but some things have to go right for them to do more than just make the playoffs.

Potential Range for the Team: 7th-2nd

3. Evil Geniuses

Of nearly every team in the LCS, Evil Geniuses have the chance to be one of the most fun and exciting teams to watch. Impact comes back for what will likely be his last season before having to head back to South Korea to do mandatory military duty. No matter the meta, no one is more consistent than Impact and there is no doubt he will be a top-tier top laner once again. Bringing over Inspired may end up being the pickup of the offseason as the young European is coming off his own MVP performance. It is hard not to gush over a player that could easily be the best jungler in the LCS for years to come.

To continue gushing, EG are also bringing up jojopyun, arguably one of the best NA prospects of all time. He went from being a top-level Fortnite player to League player in a little over a year and is now in the LCS. There are certainly high expectations for jojoyun and while he may struggle at first, the potential for this kid is miles above most as he could be the best mid laner in the LCS within the next year or two. If one thought maybe the excitement would stop after jojopyun they would be wrong. The bot lane duo of Danny and Vulcan are also top contenders in 2022. Danny was the Rookie of the Year and clearly has immense potential. Couple that with Vulcan who is arguably a top two support and there are the makings of a great duo lane.

Evil Geniuses are young and extremely exciting. They could very easily end up being the best team in the LCS for years to come. That said, they are banking on very young and inexperienced talent to be their carries in jojo and Danny. Luckily Impact, Inspired and Vulcan are all veterans with strong game sense. This team may not be at the top of LCS Power Rankings at the beginning of the season but the two teams ahead of them should be constantly watching their back.

Potential Range for the Team: 6th-1st

2. Team Liquid

Another controversial ranking? Team Liquid absolutely love to spend money and luckily when they do they hit more times than not. Replacing Alphari will be Bwipo who comes over after spending the last half of 2021 as a jungler. Looking for a chance of scenery, Bwipo should have a chance to focus on himself rather than the drama surrounding his team. This gives him a major opportunity to not only play well, but at his best. Santorin is another vet who has been doing his thing at a high level for the past few years. Health aside, Santorin is about as consistent as they come and should pair well with one of TL’s major offseason quisitions.

Bjergsen is back but not on TSM for the first time since his days in Europe. After taking the year off to coach, and do well, he decided his time on the Rift was not complete. It may take him some time, but there is no doubt that with the team he has surrounded himself with, Bjergsen is very capable of being the best mid in the LCS once again. The praise does not stop there, the duo lane of Hans Sama and CoreJJ should absolutely be amongst the top in the LCS right away. Hans Sama is coming off an incredible Worlds performance and CoreJJ is, well, CoreJJ. This duo should be wreaking havoc amongst the LCS from day one.

Overall, Team Liquid certainly have an extremely talented group. Nearly every player on their team should be at least top three at their position. That said, they are ranked second in these LCS Power Rankings because of a few questions that will need to be answered. Can Bwipo regain his form at his old position while not regressing? Will Santorin’s health hold up? Can Bjergsen come back from a full year away? And lastly, will age catch up to CoreJJ? Most of these things won’t be an issue and once this team is rolling, they absolutely can take down anyone. For now, they will hang out in second.

Potential Range for the Team: 4th-1st

1. 100 Thieves

The 2021 LCS Summer Split Champions are, mostly, running it back in 2022. And after how well they played last year, why shouldn’t they? The lone addition to this team is the best young top laner in the LCS, Tenacity who will be splitting time with Ssumday. Tenacity is another great young player making his way to the LCS and while he will share playing time at the beginning, it wouldn’t be shocking to see him starting full-time once the Summer begins. Ssumday was not himself last season, which was a shame after the backbreaking carrying he has done for 100 Thieves since joining the team. Sadly he may be on his way out, but while he is with 100 Thieves, he will still get the job done.

Closer was extremely close to winning the MVP last split and should the meta favor him, he could do it again. Regardless of the meta, Closer is easily one of the best junglers in the league and should show it again in 2022. Abbedagge was one of if not the best mid-season pickups of all time. 100 Thieves needed someone more stable at the position and Abbedagge answered the call. With even more time to gel with the team, he has a chance to be the best mid laner in the LCS once again. The bot lane continues to be a source of strength and consistency for 100T. While huhi is not the most flashy support, he gets the job done. Luckily for 100 Thieves, when a team has someone as talented as FBI in their bot lane, all they need is a support who gets it done. FBI once again comes in with the ability to be the best adc in the LCS.

Many people will be upset about 100 Thieves being ranked this high, but they have earned the right to be in this position. Adding Tenacity should only help what is an already relatively young and talented 100 Thieves team. They are the only team in the LCS to keep their roster intact and at the beginning of the season, that is more than enough to propel them to the top of most LCS Power Rankings.

Potential Range for the Team: 3rd-1st

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