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Not Done Yet! Vitality Week 5 Pre-Review

Vitality played in two games this week. Finally, after a long stretch of disappointment for fans, the team secured their first victory of the split.

Vs Schalke 04

A game that many considered to be a match to decide the best of the worst, the game against Schalke 04 was one that seemed almost the opposite of Vitality’s performances in the past couple weeks. Instead of proactivity and questionable engagements, it seemed as though Vitality was playing more cautiously than anything else.

Though Lucas “Saken” Fayard was able to hold Felix “Abbedage” Braun at bay for most of the match, the combined efforts of Schalke were enough to beat Vitality after the dragon soul was taken, the baron slain, and one last team fight respectively.

Player Of The Game: Despite the loss, Duncan “Skeanz” Marquet had an incredibly clean game on Lee Sin. In particular, a play that stood out was his engagement that resulted in a first blood and double kill. Such clean mechanics on Lee Sin, in particular the act of ward hopping so quickly in order to execute a better ultimate kick, should put other teams on notice, especially if he is allowed to continue to play as Lee Sin.

Vs SK Gaming

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Success at long last. The solid performances seen finally have paid off, and SK Gaming are the prey that finally fell to Vitality. From the initial dragon fight that led to a double kill for Vitality to a series of engagements that led to kill after kill for the Vitality squad, the team looked incredibly good this game. A midgame engagement by SK had the situation looking precarious for Vitality, but a tactical turnaround by Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Mislet saved the team from a total wipeout and a losing effort was salvaged.

That engagement was the only sign that Vitality could have wavered, as the next engagement offered a triple kill, and after a few more picks Vitality took four in the next team fight. Closing it out, Saken teleported into the base and took the SK nexus, ending a winless streak of 182 days for Vitality and putting a win on the board.

Player of the Game: All members of Vitality played extremely well during the course of this game, and as such it is difficult to pick just one member as an MVP. Saken’s Ryze damage and tactical roots were integral in some team fights, Markos “Comp” Stamkopolous had some good picks, and Cabochard’s playmaking on Sett cannot be understated. However, the Player of the Game would have to go to Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi, whose consistency and 14 assists show the impact he had in setting up many of the kills for the team, and whose playmaking abilities shone today.


Vs MAD Lions

LEC Playoffs 2019 Round Two
Splyce – Image via Riot Games

MAD Lions have had a peculiar set of games the past couple weeks. While they beat G2 relatively handily in 32 minutes, they were beaten equally handily by Misfits Gaming in 26. As evidenced by the game against Misfits, punishing Marek “Humanoid” Brazda in the midlane yields results, and stifling momentum against MAD could yield similar positive results. With this in mind, though, MAD Lions are still an incredibly solid team to look out for, and their skill should not be underestimated. They’ve shown themselves to be very mechanically solid and dominant when need be, which is why Vitality should find not only balance in their playmaking, but also look for stifling opportunities.

Winner: MAD Lions

Vs G2    

Caps on Stage – Courtesy of Riot Games

The saga of the “split personality” of G2 is evident, especially in this split. While the lane swap of Rasmus “Caps” Winther and Luka “Perkz” Perkovic has indeed been a significant and controversial move, the presence of “Claps, Caps, or Craps” as a standing joke has been just as significant. Losing to Schalke 04 and barely turning around a losing streak, G2 have been on the back foot in the last four games, and while optimistic are not on their best form.

This form, though, has not changed since last year. With the roster remaining the same, G2 has a synergy and mental strength that not many have, and they are still the Worlds runner-up team from last year. Vitality should look to capitalize on Caps overstepping and try to initiate the coin flip to the “Craps” side in order to dominate the bottom lane and prevent G2 from generating the comeback energy that they are known for.

Winner: G2


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