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Nexus Blitz is Back and Better than Ever

When Nexus Blitz originally came out in its alpha mode back in the middle of 2018, it swept the League of Legends community by storm. This was because it was the first time Riot had come up with a new mode since Dominion and it was a brand new map. Fans will have to remember that at this point, nothing else for Riot Games existed other than some rumors.

There was no TFT, Legends of Runeterra or VALORANT at this point. It was only League of Legends. While this game mode was beloved, there were definitely aspects of it that people did not enjoy. Because of that, it has been hidden for almost two years. Now, nearly exactly two years after its initial release, Nexus Blitz is coming back with the latest League of Legends patch.

Nexus Blitz Map
Nexus Blitz Map


There are a lot of changes that will not be covered here because spoiling every part of Nexus Blitz wouldn’t be fun for anyone. Instead, here are three noteworthy ones in terms of what has happened with the map more specifically.

The Map from here on out will be set in the Temple of Lily and Lotus which is a “long-forgotten temple of the Canghapi vastaya”. There will be plenty of frog type references spread throughout the map.

Nexus Blitz
Frog Fountain in the Middle of the Map

Also, there are guardians of each part of the map. As soon as an enemy comes into the other side of the jungle a pretty tough guardian comes and attacks them. While it can be defeated and players can earn rewards, it seems to discourage people from early invades.

Nexus Blitz
These Guardians Mean Business

Lastly, there are four cannons in each corner of the map. These, of course, are frog-themed but more importantly, they have a designated area to spit players into. Unlike previous iterations where the cannons were in base, which they still could be, find out on your own, these cannons cannot be controlled. Also, they shoot players instantly. So if someone is ready to “Leroy Jenkins” onto the opponents their teammates better be ready to fight.

Nexus Blitz
Getting Split Across the Map

 How Long is Nexus Blitz Staying?

As of now, Riot has said that it is a temporary game mode. That said, it is possible that Riot will want to let it play out and see how many players actually play it and how many continue to play it. If these numbers are high enough then maybe there is a chance Nexus Blitz stays.

What is more likely is that like URF it will stay as a part of the rotation of different game modes. This is both good and bad. Good because it means that will be back much more often but, bad because it is not permanent.

Either way, players should enjoy it while it is here.

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