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League of Legends: Nexus Blitz Alpha – Riot’s New Clown Fiesta

nexus blitz

After an interesting run on League’s Public Beta Environment, Riot feels comfortable enough to playtest Nexus Blitz, a shorter experimental mode. According to Riot’s game update, the game mode should release sometime in patch 8.16.

Experimental Mode

nexus blitz
Riot Game’s experimental mode mark. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Two weeks ago, Riot Spacenorth described in Dev Corner board what an experimental mode is. Riot designed Experimental modes to potentially become a game mode like Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, or ARAM. With enough popularity, Riot will make the mode a permanent addition to what League offers. However, the game modes can just as easily be scrapped.


Things to Know

Experimental Modes are alpha tests. In other words, expect a buggy game. Plus, Riot will be throwing balance changes faster than the fiesta happening in esports. By providing this experience, Riot can determine whether they want to finish the project.

The main differences between experimental modes and the current random game modes is that experimental modes are currently unfinished and designed to last. At most experimental modes will happen a couple times a year.

Nexus Blitz

An Overview

While Riot did not encourage roles and a meta at the beginning of Summoner’s Rift, they suggest a duo jungle and three laners for this game mode. Nexus Blitz prides itself on fast-paced action by facilitating events in which Nexus Blitz borrows familiar elements. These events include King of the Hill, snowball fights, or Bardle Royale. It feels as if League saw other popular games and decided to throw some inspired mechanics in for a fresh clown fiesta.

Succeeding in these events unlocks fun buffs for your team. Being on a killing spree gives you double-edged sword “on fire.” You’ll dish out tons of damage on low cooldowns (even potentially exceeding the CDR cap), but receive more damage. However, shutdowns still rewards extra gold to the enemy team.

Players will use these mechanics to help them destroy the enemy’s Nexus.

Nostalgia Overload

Items removed from the game make a return to Nexus Blitz. Older players can relive selling your boots for Zephyr, being an unkillable tank with Force of Nature, and ty dfg. Other items, like the ones from Butcher’s Bridge ARAM make a comeback too, allowing players to experience new ways to affect the game.

nexus blitz
Items like DFG will be returning to League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Edward.


Champion abilities and runes have been tweaked to facilitate a quicker game mode. For example, any rune that features time barriers like Gathering Storm have been sped up. For runes that have a cooldown, like Scorch, the cooldowns decreased. Plus, stacking mechanics, like Nasus’ famous Q, Siphoning Strike, will not require the entire game to do damage.

If the game is uncomebackable, the team can decide to surrender with a 4-1 vote at eight minutes.

Potential Future Events

Outside of esports, Riot no longer appears at any events that interacts with their fans. According to Ben “Riot Draggles” Forbes, League requires too much to be able to get new players to try it out. At an event, it is difficult to facilitate a game where ten players commit 30-40 minutes. If Nexus Blitz becomes a true game mode, Riot can use the game mode to appeal to new players.


With new goals in the game, players can experience League of Legends in a different context. With a shorter time commitment and different gameplay mechanics facilitating an action-packed game, Nexus Blitz, if completed, may be what players need to take a break from the Summoner’s Rift grind.


Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.

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