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New Soraka Playstyle

As of now, most people run barrier or heal on Soraka, maybe even exhaust. All of these summoner spells provide survivability by either boosting Soraka’s tankiness, or decreasing the enemy’s chances to assassinate her. But what if Soraka just outran her opponent?

Flash Ghost

Flash ghost Soraka is a surprisingly effective summoner spell combination on the healing support. The speed from her passive alongside ghost’s burst of movement provides massive utility for the banana throwing unicorn.

These are the basic runes to run with this summoner spell set:

Note: runes are similar, if not the same, as typical Soraka runes

The biggest reason why this build is viable is ghost’s rework. This season, Riot gave ghost a reset capability. This mirrors Master Yi’s ultimate. Upon a takedown, ghost’s active continues. Soraka is not the kind of champion to go around grabbing kills.

But, Riot’s definition of a takedown includes kills and assists.

Soraka is one of the easiest champions to get an assist with. Throw out an ultimate, and Soraka gains an assist from all the way across the map by pressing a single button.

This procs ghost’s reset, essentially giving Soraka the ability to zoom around like an emergency ambulance.

When in a long-lasting team fight, a well-timed ghost can last forty seconds. This can make the difference between a teammate falling, or Soraka being run down by an assassin. A well-used ghost can even help Soraka lock down the enemy team by positioning better thanks to the speed buff to utilize her slows and silence to catch kills.

Please note that this build is not overpowered. Ghost on Soraka requires strong game knowledge, alongside expertise with Soraka, to efficiently utilize the movement speed buff.


How to Use Ghost

Most players know how to use flash. But ghost, a less commonly used spell, requires another learning curve.

To maximize the utility from ghost on Soraka, use the spell preemptively, directly before a big fight. The purpose of ghost on this build is to make Soraka uncatchable. This means using it before the assassins on the enemy team have a chance to close the gap on Soraka.

This is essential because, once the gap is closed, chances are Soraka will die.

In the beginning of most team fights, a takedown or two will occur. Teammates will lose health, some may die, and some enemy champions may fall. As long as at least one enemy goes down, Soraka’s movement speed from ghost will continue through.

At this point, Soraka’s purpose in the teamfight is to quickly revitalize her team for a continued fight, during which timing is essential. Soraka’s passive, which gives her a massive movement speed buff towards low health allies, alongside the ghost proc, allows her to zoom across the map.

Her movement speed at this point helps her stay safe from further engages on the enemy team, while the fast recovery of her allies means even faster reengages on her team.


In Conclusion

The utility from ghost on Soraka can shift the entire course of a team fight. But, expect to burn the summoner spell a couple of times before fully learning how to use the spell effectively.

For a video explanation of this build, click here. This build was inspired by Voyboy’s Sonic Tech, but spun in a different way towards support play.

There are definitely still counters to this spell, such as Soraka’s typical counters: Blitzcrank, Leona, Thresh, etc. Essentially, hard crowd control picks that prevent her from zooming around, to begin with.

Please try out the build, but do not expect it to automatically win games.


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