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New Riot Games Developer Video

New Riot Games Developer Video

Riot Games has released a developer video discussing the upcoming skins and events in season 2020. There is plenty of exciting news in this video about the future of season 2020, as well as new features. The new Riot Games developer video can be found here.

New Skins

New Riot Games Developer Video
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The product lead for personalization on the development team, Jonathan Belliss explained some of the rationale behind the decision-making for releasing new skins. Skins are often released more often for champions that tend to be the most popular among the player base.

This appeals to as many players as possible, while providing the highest income for Riot Games. However, there are several champions such as Ornn, Taliyah, Skarner and Xerath that rarely receive new skins. Riot Games plans to release skins for these less popular champions, as well as many others, to please players that enjoy playing them.

Event Changes

There will be player events in 2020 for all major events, and they will be more rewarding and memorable. The event pass system will receive improvements to provide more variety and to require less amount of time playing the game to receive the rewards. It will be exciting to see how this new reward system pans out, as well as how accessible the free rewards will be.

Eternal System

Eternals is a champion stat-tracking system that was announced in 2019. This announcement has much criticism from the player base to the point where the project is releasing later than expected. Eternals will be available for purchase with Blue Essence, rather than just Riot Points. This feature will track takedowns, destroying structures, slaying epic monsters, as well as champion-specific statistics.


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Featured photo from Riot Games

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