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New Project League of Legends Skins Teased

New Project League of Legends Skins

There had been some rumors that the Project skinline would be coming back. Now, Riot Games has confirmed that one of its most popular skin lines, Project, will be returning with a teaser posted on their social media channels. As with many of the popular skin lines, this one will likely have its own event coming soon. Here is a look at the teaser and some screenshots of the New Project League of Legends Skins.


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Here are some important screenshots from this teaser as well.

Project Mordekaiser Teaser
Project Mordekaiser Teaser
Project Mordekaiser Skin
Project Mordekaiser Skin

As many on Reddit have been theorizing, this is likely Mordekaiser. Not only can one see its shape in the pond, but also the way the figure grabs their weapons is reminiscent of what Mordekaiser does when he is going B. This makes it seem very likely that Project Mordekaiser will be coming soon.

That leaves the question of what other champions could be getting a Project skin? There was a potential leak stating multiple champions. The only one that had a splash art revealed was Project Varus. This has not yet been confirmed either.

As stated above, this is one of the most popular skin lines in the game. Before the New Project League of Legends Skins come out, it is worth noting which champions have already been a part of this universe. They are VI, Yi, Leona, Lucian, Yasuo, Fiora, Ashe, Ekko, Zed, Katarina, Akali, Irelia, Jinx, Pyke, Warwick, Jhin and Vayne. In total that is 17 different skins.

Seeing how Riot Games and the League of Legends team handled the last Project release, it wouldn’t be surprising to see at least four to five different skins coming out with this batch. Make sure to keep it here at The Game Haus to stay updated when the project skins drop.

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