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New Pool Party Skins 2021 Bring the Heat

Pool Party Skins 2021

As League of Legends players gear up for an action packed summer, it’s just about that time for brand new summer skins. Two characters are receiving the Pool Party skins for 2021. Sett and Braum are the lucky recipients this time around and they are ready to lay back and soak in some sun.

The Pool Party skins for 2021 are sure to hit the PBE a little bit after the finish of MSI. Sett and Braum are the perfect pair for this years skins as they are ready to dive into the front line with their brand new board shorts. Braum surely will enjoy his quick trip away from the Freljord after a long winter season. He’s ready to serve up some coconut cocktails and heavy doses of stuns with his new cabana-style shield.

Pool Party Braum
Pool Party Braum
Pool Party Sett
Pool Party Sett

Swimmers be careful, because it doesn’t seem like lifeguard Sett is ready to do any saving. Lounging around as usual, Sett looks to enjoy the summer season vibes on the rift. This versatile champ is certainly ready to dive into the deep end with some tanks if anyone gets too close to his carry.

These are the first two skins previewed for the Pool Party line of skins for 2021. In previous years, several characters received skin previews at the same time. It’s unclear if there are more skins to be released this summer, so stay on the lookout for any more updates.

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