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League of Legends

New League of Legends Support Champion Teased

New League of Legends Support

In the 2022 road map video, Riot Games announced their plans for new champions throughout the year. Already fans have seen the trailer for the first new character Zeri. Later in the year, players can expect another bot laner as well as a new jungler. However, after Zeri, League of Legends plans on releasing a new support character.

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The New League of Legends Support will be an enchanter, much like Lulu, Sona or Taric. However, this new support isn’t going to fit the classic enchanter role. Riot noted that this new support is much more sinister, and can allow support players to be the ‘boss’ that they know they are. Aside from the few key adjectives that describe the new character, Riot gave audiences just one screenshot of the new champion.

Courtesy of Riot Games

A singular robotic hand is what fans can see from the lone screen shot. The purple hue of the robot and the hand is the only other hint that players have as to what the next character can be. The first, and maybe more plausible, guess would be a character related to Shimmer. The Zaun-based drug was first revealed in the television show “Arcane” as a sort of “super-soldier” serum. People who use Shimmer experience massive increases in speed, strength and durability. As a enchanter champion, this could mean that this new support could give plenty of combat buffs to their bot lane partner.

It is unlikely that the new character is Silco, the creator of Shimmer, as he is slated to join TFT later this year. Keep an eye out for more teasers later in the year.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games

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