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New Item Changes Coming in Patch 10.5

Item Changes Coming in Patch 10.5

Patch 10.5 for League of Legends is live on the PBE server, and it includes changes to champions and items. The new Blackfrost skins for Rek’Sai, Alistar, and Renekton, as well as a Hextech skin for Sejuani will also be released. The following are the new item changes that are coming in patch 10.5.


Item Changes Coming in Patch 10.5
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The two items that build out of Tiamat, Ravenous Hydra and Titanic Hydra are both receiving significant buffs in patch 10.5. The lifesteal that Ravenous Hydra grants is increasing from 12 percent to 18 percent. The percentage health damage and the cleave damage from Titanic Hydra is increasing. These changes should significantly increase the incentive for players to finish the Tiamat items sooner.

Death’s Dance will now provide armor and magic resist, and Aegis of the Legion will be a component. To compensate for this massive buff, the attack damage the item grants is lowering from 80 to 60.

Blade of the Ruined King is receiving a buff on the percentage health damage for melee champions that build it. These buffs seem to be targeted at improving the viability of bruiser and drain tank champions.


The support items, Frostfang, Harrowing Crescent, Spectral Sickle and Spellthief’s Edge are all receiving nerfs. The bonus gold that is granted from the tribute passives will now only apply when nearby allied champions. These nerfs seem to target champions that tend to build these items in a solo lane. This playstyle was abused by champions like Sona and Soraka before they received major nerfs. It’s unfortunate that normal supports will have to suffer for this.


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