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New Dragonmancer Skins are Bringing the Fire on PBE

There is nothing cooler than dragons, that’s just a fact. Players love to don their Dragon Trainer Heimedinger or Tristana skins as they are unique, colorful and fun. It was truly only a matter of time before Riot opened up their art books and crafted some brand new Dragon-themed skins for more fan-favorite champions. Volibear, Yasuo, Kai’sa, Karma and Thresh are the lucky recipients of the new Dragonmancer skin line. The Dragonmancers are available on PBE for players to test out and get a first hand look at the in-game models.

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The most notable champion in this bunch is Volibear, as this will be their first new skin since the rework. Volibear also has the honor of receiving a prestige variation of the Dragonmancer skin as well. It looks as though Yasuo and Thresh will continue to get skins for every different line as they once again are on the list for the new dragon-themed outfits. For potentially the last skin line of the year, the Dragonmancer skins look great. They have the same great color and energy as the previous Dragon Trainer skins. The annoucement of the Dragonmancer skins come off of the heels of the Bewitching skin line that was revealed early last week.

Here is a look at all of the new Dragonmancer skins that are available on PBE.

Dragonmancer Kai’Sa

Dragonmancer Skins

Dragonmancer Thresh

Dragonmancer Skins

Dragonmancer Dream Yasuo

Dragonmancer Truth Yasuo

Dragonmancer Volibear

Prestige Dragonmancer Volibear

Dragonmancer Skins

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