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New Details on Riot Games Tabletop Game Tellstones King’s Gambit Revealed

During a livestream on the Summer Games Fest YouTube channel, more information was revealed about Riot Games new Tabletop game, Tellstones: King’s Gambit. They discussed the new League of Legends inspired tabletop game and then showed a little reveal trailer.

The game itself will apparently be the Demacian version which seems to mean there may be more versions of Tellstones coming out in the future for different regions. Tellstones is a bluffing game in which playing one’s opponent and their mindset will be crucial. The Riot Games team member mentioned that it is more strategic like chess and will be a faster-paced game.

In the video, many Demacian champions were shown playing the game in a bunch of different areas around the region.

Lux Confusing Garen
Quinn Losing to her Hawk
Sona Tricking a Thief
Taric and an Older Lady
Xin Zhao
Demacian Castle


With this announcement, they made it clear that Riot Games plans to produce many more tabletop games. Like Mechs vs Minions there will be some that are much grander in scale and then there will be those like Tellstones that will be quicker and smaller in scale.

Tellstones Game Board

With the announcement came the launch of the website as well where people can watch the reveal video which follows a young girl trying to outsmart her father. There is no release date for Tellstones currently, only that it is coming soon. So, stick around at The Game Haus for all things Riot Games, League of Legends and Tellstones.

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