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Neosurf Cup 2020 – Misfits vs Excel Match Overview


In Game 1 of the series, both teams build interesting compositions. Excel drafts champions with a lot of damage, but lacking in terms of Tanks. Misfits on the other hand sacrifices the guaranteed DPS of a traditional ADC in favor of a Syndra pick bot for the all-in team fight combo. This is especially interesting since ADC Ju “Bvoy” Yeong-hoon isn’t well known for playing mages.

Misfits’ Jungler Iván “Razork” Martín Díaz and Support Petr “Denyk” Haramach have an immediate impact through good pathing and roaming, getting kills and pressure early on. Soon after however, Excel would manage to unexpectedly turn around a fight in the botlane, feeding their ADC a double kill. The performances of both Patrik “Patrik” Jírů in the Miss Fortune and Tore “Tore” Hoel Eilertsen on the Nautilus would be highlights in this game.

Neosurf cup
via @MisfitsGG

The double kill bot grants Excel a bit of leeway with which they manage to take back the control of the map and secure two Drakes. Despite this, Misfits would dictate the pace of the midgame through proactive rotations and plays. Razork shows great map awareness and makes very good use of two heralds. Especially important is the excellent play by Misfits top laner Danny “Dan Dan” Le Comte. Playing Rumble around the side lanes, he keeps the pressure on against Excel. At the same time, he manages to get some crucial picks to guarantee Drakes and towers.

Misfits’ greatest asset in this game is perhaps their biggest fault. They stay grouped as five throughout the mid and late game to abuse their advantage in teamfights. They also repeatedly pick off mid laner Son “Mickey” Young-min to shut him down. However, this safe, patient play would lead them to take far too long to knock down the outer mid lane tower and really open up the game. Leaning on the strength of Patrik, Excel have the chance to scale and close the lead.

Excel catches Misfits off guard before they can pick up the dragon soul. Using their own mid laner as bait, they abuse the aggressive style of Razork to lure Misfits into a losing fight. After getting a 5-for-1 and Baron, they easily close out the game.


Excel draft a very interesting protect composition with three tanks and Senna. Misfits draft a more traditional composition, giving Dan Dan the Aatrox pick. Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten is subbed in for Ronaldo “Ronaldo” Betea, who had a relatively underwhelming performance on Irelia the game before.

Neosurf cup
Courtesy of Neosurf

Piloting the Rek’sai once more, Razork again acts early, getting the first blood for his team in the top lane and the first Drake at Level 5. Thought Razork’s first gank backfires, as Ki “Expect” Dae-han is able to turn and get a double kill, the Spaniard does not back down and soon returns top to get a double of his own. Another herald, another dragon and some important picks on Mickey later, Razork is looking quite dominant.

Off of the back of their strong Early Game, Misfits obtain significant leads on each individual lane through picks and roams, especially on Dan Dan and Febiven. With their map control, Misfits win a crucial fight, drop second Herald, get second dragon and from there are pretty much unstoppable. The lack of damage in the Excel team becomes apparent.


Both compositions feature interesting picks in the midlane. Subbing out Mickey, Excel would put Joran ”Special” Schefferon on the Lucian. Against him, Feviben would play again and pick Nautilus, a strategy reminiscent of a certain LPL team.

This time around, Razork has a game plan determined by the composition. With a passive bot lane and a Rumble top, he concentrates his efforts in hunting down mid laner Special with Febiven’s Nautilus. He would get a kill on the Lucian, but fail some attempts afterwards. Rosendo “SendOo” Fuentes Bóveda’s performance in the top lane is notable this game, as he manages to pick up some kills early on and pressure Dan Dan. Soon after however, Misfits would utilize a very good lane swap to secure the rift herald with the bot laners and reduce the pressure top. The lane swap would prove to be even more fruitful as Misfits could transition by dropping the herald top and rotating towards dragon.

Neosurf cup
Courtesy of Neosurf

Excel is able to respond to their opponents’ plays with kills, especially on Dan Dan. However, the pace of the game is once again controlled by Misfits. Excel are repeatedly caught out of position by Misfits on crucial times, mainly due to the combined CC of Naut and Rek’sai. Three kills onto a scaling ADC like Varus and three dragons early on spell doom for an Excel squad which drafted more for the midgame. Even though they later manage to pick some good fights in theory, Misfits’ lead is already too big and becomes insurmountable when they obtain a dragon soul and Baron.

Razork’s role in catching Excel members out of position and making the plays is highlighted this game. He delivers a brilliant Rek’sai performance for the third time in a row.


Febiven is subbed out for Ronaldooo on the side of Misfits. Both teams draft balanced compositions.

This game marks a drastic change of pace for the Excel squad. Completely eliminating their mistakes in the past games, the team takes aggressive initiative in the early game and goes for proactive plays. Jungle Marc “Caedrel” Robert Lamont has a beautiful performance on Lee sin, executing ganks around the map and even invading the enemy red buff early on. For the first time in the series, Razork is unable to freely make the plays happen. A gank in the top lane backfires immensely as Expect kills Dan Dan.

Neosurf cup
via @MisfitsGG

Notable as well is the play of mid laner Mickey, who, for the first time in the series, manages to obtain a significant advantage over his lane opponent. Excel seems unrecognizable from their previous two games as they control the pace of the match, secure strong vision control and push their advantage.

Once again, we are treated to the familiar Season 10 story: a team obtains a solid lead early and uses it to guarantee uncontested dragons and heralds, which in turn make it that much more difficult for the losing team to pull off a comeback, even when scaling.

Two heralds, a dragon soul and a Baron later, Excel have won.


Ronaldooo would be subbed out yet again for match point, which no doubt could hit the pride and confidence of the rookie.

Excel would continue their sudden dominant streak at the beginning of Game 5, once again on the back of incredible pathing and ganking by jungler Caedrel. This time, however, Misfits would make the match a bit more competitive. Razork picks up a couple of important kills on the board and a rotation top would result in yet more successful fights.

Both teams would trade pressure and objectives back and forth as Misfits would pick up the herald while excel would get the first dragon. The performance of Excel’s support Raymond “KaSing” Tsang is particularly notable this game. He gets off some crucial picks on the thresh and plays a fundamental role in a fight bot lane near the 20 minute mark which would turn the tides in the favour of Excel. The aforementioned fight would make the Miss Fortune of rookie Matthew “Deadly” Smith almost unstoppable. In the top lane, Deadly almost pulls off an ace with incredible positioning.

Neosurf cup
via @EXCEL

For the remainder of the game, Misfits is unable to contest any mayor objective. They attempt to make some picks and skirmishes but can’t seem to find a good target. With Thresh lantern and many tanky members, Misfits cannot catch Excel out. In teamfights, Febiven’s Ryze seems like the brightest hope, especially considering a 100cs lead on Mickey. Once again, however, the power of the Miss fortune and her synergy with Rumble and Jarvan is too overwhelming.

After the most competitive game of the series, which still turns out pretty one-sided, Excel win the Neosurf cup on their home turf.


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