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NA LCS: 100 Thieves vs FlyQuest Recap

The second day of the quarterfinals took place with third seed 100 Thieves facing off against FlyQuest. Both teams had ended the regular season at 10-8 and went into a tiebreaker matchup against each other where 100 Thieves were able to win. 100 Thieves beat Echo Fox to secure the third seed, and FlyQuest lost to Team SoloMid and thus have the sixth seed.

Should 100 Thieves win, they would go on to face Cloud9 in the semifinals. If FlyQuest win, they face Team Liquid in the semifinals. To check out yesterday’s recap for FOX vs TSM, check out our recap here. To watch 100 Thieves vs FlyQuest, you can do so here.

Game One

100 Thieves vs FlyQuest
100 Thieves vs FlyQuest Game 1 Champion Select. Photo via

For the draft, most of these champions are considered strong. 100T’s composition relies mainly on a very tanky front line of Ornn, Sejuani, and Braum, with Ryze and Tristana providing damage in the back line. FlyQuest has insane pick-off potential with roaming from Nocturne and Taliyah. Both teams have hyper-scaling marksman and multiple forms of crowd control to control a team fight.

At 5:15 into the game, AnDa went top to gank. After a countergank from Santorin, First Blood occurred with Santorin dying and AnDa picking up the kill. With this pressure, 100 Thieves were able to begin to pressure into the jungle of FlyQuest and secure vision. At 10:40, 100 Thieves attempted a four-man dive onto FlyQuest’s bottom lane, but with an amazing Weaver’s Wall and Paranoia, FlyQuest picked up three kills and a Cloud Dragon for nothing. All three kills went to Santorin’s Nocturne, and he picked up another kill with Paranoia onto Ssumday top lane. After the kill top, FlyQuest took the First Turret and the Rift Herald. 100 Thieves kill Keane, who picked up the Eye of the Herald. FlyQuest pick up a second Cloud Dragon at 17:35.

In a drawn out fight at 22 minutes, only one death occured, coming from JayJ. 100 Thieves worked to take Baron, but were stopped by FlyQuest. At 26:20, top laners traded, and a reengage happened where JayJ dies again. FlyQuest quickly took the Baron with Cho’Gath’s Feast, but 100 Thieves picked up two kills and pushed into the base of FlyQuest to nullify the early Baron power play. At 30 minutes, the gold was practically even at around 50k gold each. Cody Sun’s Tristana was online and untouched as 100 Thieves picked up three additional kills to end whatever push FlyQuest was planning with their Baron. After that fight, 100 Thieves pushed into the base, winning the game in just over 32 minutes.

Game Two

100 Thieves vs FlyQuest
100 Thieves vs Flyquest Game 2 Team Compositions. Photo via

“Is this Groundhog Day?” echoed Kobe, as the draft was the exact same for games one and two. 100 Thieves remained on blue side, and the strengths for the teams persisted into the second game. This meant that 100 Thieves were willing to play the same style this game. Meanwhile, FlyQuest felt that they under-performed game one and aimed to improve for game two.

This game’s First Blood occurred with a four-man dive onto Keane, and Aphromoo picked up the kill. Flame Teleports in and traded a kill onto AnDa. A minute later, FlyQuest picked up the Rift Herald again, and lost JayJ in the process. Afterwards, 100 Thieves grouped mid and took First Tower at 14:30 minutes in. At 16 minutes, 100 Thieves caught out JayJ again and picked up an Infernal Dragon as a reward. 100 Thieves take control as they gank mid again and kill Keane. In an attempted dive onto Cody Sun, FlyQuest were unable to kill the Tristana. 100 Thieves then killed WildTurtle and started Baron.

100 Thieves were in complete control of the game as they picked off Flame bot side, rotated to Baron, picked up two additional kills, then finished the Baron at 29:25. In a last ditch effort fight, FlyQuest picked off Ssumday and desperately tried to stabilize the game. Unfortunately for FlyQuest, Ryu’s Ryze dealt massive amounts of damage and aced FlyQuest. 100 Thieves finished the game in 32:30 minutes, and pushed FlyQuest to match point.

Game Three

100 Thives vs FlyQuest
100 Thieves vs FlyQuest Game 3 Team Compositions. Photo via

A departure from the last two games, both teams switched up their draft. Flame playing a carry was exactly what FlyQuest needed to work on a reverse sweep. 100 Thieves took the counter pick into Ryze with Cassiopeia, and a Xayah/Rakan bot lane. The global ultimate from JayJ’s Shen would allow for them to turn any 1v1 into a 2v1 quickly. 100 Thieves continued their team fighting composition, while FlyQuest played a 1-3-1 comp, with Shen able to ult to a side lane quickly.

Santorin ganked mid a few times, but ultimately First Blood happened topside, where Santorin and Flame pick up the kill onto Ssumday. At 12 minutes, JayJ ulti’s top and get another kill onto Ssumday. Meanwhile, dragon gets started, and both Aphromoo and AnDa attempt to steal the dragon, but perish doing so. Flame also picked up the First Turret at 15 minutes in, and FlyQuest worked to further snowball Flame.

At 20 minutes, FlyQuest sent three members bot to take the inner turret, but 100 Thieves started the Baron. After losing the Baron, FlyQuest cleaned house, keeping the series alive as they went five-for-one in a four-versus-five fight. 100 Thieves regrouped and put an end to the split-push from Flame, killing him as well as Santorin. At 31:30, Keane died just as FlyQuest took Baron. WildTurtle even picked up a revenge kill onto Ryu. Flame got picked off at 33 minutes, as 100 Thieves broke apart the 1-3-1 for a few minutes.

Late Game – Game Three

100 Thieves tried to pick off Santorin, but his tankiness proved to be an obstacle. The Thieves had to back into their base. FlyQuest traded another death from Flame for another Inhibitor tower. At 36 minutes, FlyQuest sat with three Mountain Drakes and two Inhibitors to take from 100 Thieves. WildTurtle and Santorin died in a pick. 100 Thieves had now tipped the game back in their favor by taking the Inhibitor and a Nexus tower. Both Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor respawned at 38 minutes. FlyQuest had to be wary of the Cho’Gath Feast.

JayJ died, and with Super Minions in the base, FlyQuest needed to make a decision. FlyQuest gave up Baron and the minions took the last Nexus Tower, but 100 Thieves picked up both major buffs. Cody Sun and the 100 Thieves used their combat buffs to finish off FlyQuest in 42 minutes.


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