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Preseason Teases: Mythic Items

Riot recently announced big new changes coming to Summoner’s rift. Click here to watch the announcement.

Riot teased a freshly optimized shop, groundbreaking new items, and changes in monitoring toxic behavior. This article focuses on the item changes coming to the rift.

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Mythic Items

Limited to one per champion, Mythic Items will provide unique and powerful abilities. As of now, a total of four Mythic Items have been teased.

Crimson Shieldbow


Courtesy of Riot

To begin with, Riot introduced their first Mythic Item: Crimson Shieldbow.

This item provides a shield similar to Phantom Dancer’s. But alongside a shield, Crimson Shieldbow gives a burst of life steal.

Hopefully, ADCs will no longer have to experience getting one-shot by enemy carries.

Behemoth Slayer

Courtesy of Riot

Behemoth Slayer was second on the list.

The item very heavily mirrors Vayne’s Silver Bolts. Providing extra damage every third attack, the item scales strongly with AD.

Behemoth Slayer serves to decimate tanks, hence its namesake.


League of Legends Preseason
Courtesy of Riot

Unlike the previous two Mythic Items, Galeforce bestows an active ability.

This item supplies players with a dash reminiscent of Ahri’s ultimate. Though this item’s active cannot cross walls, Galeforce allows champions to either close a gap or escape.

Notice Galesforce scales with AD. The item targets AD carries, but may be abused by other AD scaling champions, such as Zed.

Cursed Demonhelm

Courtesy of Riot

Last but not least, Riot attempts to give AP bruisers hope with Cursed Demonhelm. Riot stated that they neglected AP bruisers, giving them little item optimization in the past.

Cursed Demonhelm gives champions an ability paralleling Sunfire Cape’s ability. But instead of consistent damage, Cursed Demonhelm procs for a maximum of four seconds.

Not only does the item damage, but Cursed Demonhelm provides armor and magic resist. This should give AP Bruisers the damage and durability that they lack right now.

In Conclusion

“All in all, you can expect about a third of the items to remain nearly the same. A third to be similar but improved. And a third to be replaced with these new additions.” – League of Legends Lead Producer Jessica ‘Safelocked’ Nam.

These items mark the beginning of massive changes coming to Summoner’s Rift.

Notice each Mythic Item, with the exception of Cursed Demonhelm, provide a secondary passive. These passives buff all Legendary Items, which are items crafted from at least one advanced item.

What this essentially means is all that Mythic Items will give an Ornn-like item buff to all complete items in the inventory, under the assumption that cursed Demonhelm’s item description is simply unfinished.

Of course, these images and teases stand at preliminary stages, so the exact impact they may have on the League of Legends META is unknown.


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