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More Information Revealed About Eternals

More Information About Eternals Revealed

Riot Games are currently working on the new stat tracking/mini award system for League of Legends that is called Eternals. They have recently released an article and short video explaining some of the features of the Eternals system. The video explanation of the new system can be found here. The following is more information that has been revealed about Eternals.

How It Works

The Eternals system is a stat tracker that has unique features for each champion in the game. There are different goals that depend on the champion’s kit such as getting kills with an ultimate and other ability specific achievements. Each milestone that is reached will be announced in-game to easily keep track of when these goals are reached. There will also be a new panel added to the HUD in League of Legends that will show Eternals progression. The starter sets can be purchased with Blue Essence, but the more champion specific sets can only be purchased with Riot Points.

Is It Worth It?

The Eternals system is an excellent addition to League of Legends that many players will find enjoyment in. Unlocking achievements is a classic trope in video games, and it’s surprising that Riot Games hasn’t capitalized on this sooner. For people that are interested in tracking their progress and learning more about their strengths, the Eternals system will be a great investment. For people that are just playing the game for fun and don’t really care about reaching certain goals in the game, Eternals may not be for them. Depending on the cost in Blue Essence, the starter set will be an effective way to test the system, especially if there’s an excess of Blue Essence available. The champion set will be great for people that enjoyed the starter set and want to track their accomplishments with their main champion.


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