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More Changes Added to Patch 9.24

More Changes Added to Patch 9.24

Patch 9.24 initially only contains changes to Diana, along with the release of the newest champion, Aphelios. However, significant champion, rune and objective changes have just been revealed that will significantly impact game balance. The following are more changes added to patch 9.24.

Rift Herald Buff

Gameplay Systems Designer at Riot Games, Daniel Leaver, revealed the changes to Rift Herald on Twitter. While the preseason introduces a second Rift Herald spawn, the lower damage makes it much less of an important objective due to how weak the charges are. This change should significantly increase the impact of Rift Herald, and the priority that teams place on securing it. The new dragon system currently overshadows Rift Herald, so this change may cause junglers to play top side more often.


More Changes Added to Patch 9.24
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The Conqueror rework is incredibly powerful on mages like Ryze and Cassiopeia, because they can stack it almost instantly. Even though it requires 10 separate attacks and abilities to fully stack Conqueror on ranged champions, the eight second duration on Conqueror made it a bit too easy to stack. The healing on Conqueror is decreasing from 15 percent to 8 percent for ranged champions.

Akali is receiving a minor nerf to her Q, Five Point Strike. The bonus damage to minions is decreasing from 33 percent to 25 percent, and Q hitbox from behind is being removed.

Ryze is also receiving nerfs in addition to the Conqueror nerf. The damage on his Q, Overload, is decreasing by 15 at all levels.

Garen is receiving a minor change to his E, Judgment. The damage per level increase is decreasing, but his E will scale better off of attack speed.

Senna is receiving changes that will solidify her position as a support, rather than a marksmen. The drop rate of souls on her passive, Absolution, is decreasing for minions killed. Her health per level is decreasing, the bonus AD ratio on her Q, Piercing Darkness is decreasing, the root duration on her W, Last Embrace is decreasing at the early levels and the damage AP ratio on her ultimate, Dawning Shadow, is increasing.

Kassadin is receiving a nerf to the cooldown on his Q, Null Sphere and a nerf to missing mana restoration on his W, Nether Blade.


Several champions are receiving buffs in patch 9.24 that should help them become more viable in the current metagame. The cooldown on Amumu’s Q, Bandage Toss, is decreasing at the early levels, the shield on Karma’s E, Inspire is increasing, Sivir is receiving an increase to her base damage and Rammus is receiving more HP per level and a cooldown decrease on his E, Frenzying Taunt. Yuumi and Braum are both receiving major buffs that will target their viability in regular play, rather than making them competitive level powerhouses. Omnistone will favor specific runes depending on the situation, making a more versatile utility rune. An in-depth look at the myriad of changes for these champions and Omnistone can be found in a Twitter post by Lead Gameplay Designer, Mark Yetter, here.

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