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Misfits Sign HiRit, Vander, Neon and Shlatan LEC Roster

Hirit Lol

According to Jacob Wolf, Misfits have signed HiRit, Vander, Neon and Shaltan to their starting LEC Roster. This news comes after Razork and Kobbe were rumored to be leaving the team. Misfits has yet to make an official statement.

Misfits was a team in 2021 that showed peaks of greatness, but was never able to consistently hit it. With a 5th place finish in the LEC playoffs, this team isn’t satisfied. Misfits has been trying to return to Worlds for the last two years. With Vetheo, HiRit, Vander, Shlatan and Neon, this team should be quite scary while having some younger talent.

The New Members of Misfit LEC Roster:

Shlatan and Neon are the two newcomers to the LEC roster. Neon is coming off a great year with Schalke 04. Despite the teams mixed results, Neon was a player who showed bursts of potential. The issue was, well, he was on Schalke 04, a rather bad team in 2020. It’s going to be interesting to see if he can step up his level of play in the 2022 LEC season.

Shlatan on the other hand is getting his first chance in the LEC. At 20 years old, he has danced around LFL teams. Misfits is promoting him from their own LFL team, Misfits Premier. Shlatan had some of the best stats in the entire LFL this past year with a GD10 of 2015, XPD10 of 574, and CSD10 of 9.7. The XPD10 alone is impressive, but combine this with his DPM of 367 and a 4.0 KDA, he is really good.

Both of these players should be some of the fresh blood that Misfits needs to make their potential Worlds run.

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