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Misfits’ 2020 Spring: A Retrospective


From last place to first place to playoffs, this Split has certainly been quite eventful for Misfits.

The theme that defined the organization throughout the first half of the year (and the offseason before that) was that of “rebuilding”.

From the ground up, the staff, the player roster and even the brand itself were reinvigorated with a new vision in mind. In truth, before this spring, it was difficult to pinpoint the identity of Misfits as a team. Shadows of 2017 could portray them as plucky underdogs; yet, ever since, their rosters and results were irregular to say the least.

This new squad, perhaps more than any other before it, truly fits the description of “Misfits”. Colorful personalities, promising rookie talent and a chaotic, aggressive playstyle have made this roster stand out and slowly garner more and more fan support.

To an outsider looking at just the results, this year may appear as yet another disappointment for Misfits. However, thanks to the solid foundation the team built for itself, the failures of one split do not spell the end of its development. On the contrary: the team should want to experience the greatest of highs and the lowest of lows.

By filling their rookies with ambition and by providing them with an optimal environment for growth, Misfits did not only redefine their identity; they secured themselves a future to look forward to.

The Bite of the Underdog

Not much more can be said about Iván Martín “Razork” Díaz. The recipient of the Rookie of the Split award is continuously praised by casters and analysts with good reason. One thing is to have a good debut in a major league; a completely different endeavor is to make yourself arguably the most valuable member of a top team in your rookie split.


Febiven and Razork’s synergy has defined the team’s style (via @MisfitsGG)

The Spanish star often acts as the engine which creates the openings that allow Misfits to enact their strategies. Whether camping mid, diving top, ganking bot, counter jungling or securing objective control, Razork is the pressure tool which provides the individual leads that Misfits live through.

Although often cited as the least important position, especially in the 2020 meta, Top Lane is still a crucial role, especially in high level EU play. Origen, G2 and FNATIC all have powerful Top Laners that can solo carry games. Therefore, Danny “Dan Dan” Le Comte deserves a fair share of recognition

The charming D double possesses not only charisma, but also the confidence to win out trades and pressure the sidelanes. Opponents of Misfits often had to check the threat of Dan Dan and try to shut him down early. Even still, the top laner often displayed strong mental in being able to act as a pressure vacuum just as much as a carry.

For Yeong-hoon “Bvoy” Ju, his stay in Misfits meant redemption for his young career. Underestimated by pretty much everyone, EU fans very much included, Bvoy succeeded in shutting critics up through his mechanical skill and keen game sense. The immortal import more than proved his worth in team fights and skirmishes.

The Attitude of the Outcast

A successful roster is a good place to start. But with no sense of community, a team can only go so far. Organizations depend on having a recognizable image and a loyal group of fans behind them.

Misfits acknowledged this fact in more than one way. During the off-season, the team committed to a rebrand. Misfits adopted an underground graffiti aesthetic and even changed the appearance of their mascot, Fidget. Along with this new style came a new design for jerseys and apparel, which was generally very well-received by fans.

Febiven demonstrating Misfits’s new style (Via MisfitsGG)

Perhaps more importantly, the team promoted content and fan interaction far beyond previous years. The mischief series of videos came back with an upgrade in quality. This time around, they were formatted as a saga of videos which told the back stories of each of the players while at the same time sharing behind-the-scene footage of the ongoing Split. Along with the videos came podcasts, such as the warm-up and cool down, in which Misfits staff shared their opinions and predictions on upcoming matches, often with guests and giveaways.

All of the socials of the team saw more content being poured out. The Twitter account actively engages with fans, the Discord saw events such as in-houses for League and even the subreddit has articles by respectable sources posted on it. A community is slowly taking shape around a new team which promises success.

Looking Forward with Pride

Ever since the Neosurf cup at the beginning of the year, Misfits has done nothing but develop and grow, both as a team and as a community.

The team has everything to look forward to. The potential of the players was proven and the premature exit from playoffs will no doubt strengthen their determination.

A team able to take down anyone and everyone on their best day with a creative and chaotic style will be a major threat come Summer. The vision of Misfits marches onward with unstoppable resolution.

Featured photo from @MisfitsGG

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