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Massive Changes Coming with League of Legends’ Patch 9.24b

Massive Changes Coming with Patch 9.24b

The last set of League of Legends balance changes for 2019 are almost here, and they will bring shifts to the current metagame. All of the changes and bug fixes can be found in detail here. The following are some of the massive changes coming with patch 9.24b.

Dragon Nerfs

Infernal, Mountain and Ocean Dragon and their souls are all receiving nerfs to bring their power level closer to Cloud Dragon. Cloud Dragon and its soul has felt incredibly underpowered in comparison to the other dragons. The changes in this patch look to address this. Infernal Dragon will have its damage increase lowered to four percent. The Infernal Soul will have lower base damage and scaling. Mountain Dragon will have its armor and magic resistance increase lowered to six percent. The mountain will also have its base shield and its scaling decreased. Ocean Dragon will provide less health regeneration and the healing from the soul will be greatly reduced. This should bring positive changes to overall gameplay balance, but expect teams to continue to place a high priority on securing dragons.

Champion Buffs

Five champions are receiving minor buffs in patch 9.24b that should slightly increase their win rates and viability. Alistar is getting some of his base stats rounded up, and the healing on his passive, Triumphant Roar, is increasing. Ezreal has felt weak ever since the removal of the Kleptomancy rune. The balance team have been tuning his kit to compensate for this, and the scaling on his Q, Mystic Shot, is being slightly increased. The changes that were made to Garen’s E, Judgment, are being partially reverted. Gnar is receiving a buff to the base damage on his W, Wallop, and the scaling on his Q, Boulder Toss. Graves is a champion that the balance team have had difficulty finding a place in the metagame for. He is receiving a buff to his E, Quickdraw, by lowering the cooldown by two seconds at each rank.

Champion Nerfs

Massive Changes Coming with Patch 9.24b
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Three champions are receiving nerfs in patch 9.24b. Aphelios has felt incredibly strong since his release, and the balance team are taking steps to even out his power level. The marked damage ratio on Calibrum is decreasing, and the Infernum empowered explosion radius and damage ratio are decreasing. Expect Aphelios to continue to receive changes throughout the next few patches. Shaco is receiving a nerf to the scaling and mana cost on his E, Two-Shiv Poison. Heimerdinger has been an oppressive lane bully, especially in the bottom lane. He is receiving a nerf to the base damage on his W, Hextech Micro-Rockets, and the damage on his empowered E, CH-3X Lightning Grenade is decreasing.


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