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LPL Offseason FPX: All Changes & Rumors

The LPL offseason is officially underway. With many players becoming free agents and massive transfer offers going back and forth, it’s hard to keep track of all 17 teams. So, over the next weeks, The Game Haus will release multiple articles covering each team individually. These articles will cover everything, from official transfers to rumors and more. These will be released in alphabetical order, so today’s team is for the LPL Offseason FPX also known as FunPlus Phoenix.

Official Changes


Nuguri – Nuguri was the first player to leave FunPlus Phoenix. Despite being very sought after by multiple top level teams in Korea, he will be taking a break from competitive league in 2022.

Tian – After a rough end of season, Tian is leaving FPX. Rumor has it that he could be joining World Elite.

Doinb – The MVP of summer 2021 in the lpl, Doinb is now a free agent. Most rumors say that he will join LNG.


As of the release of this article, FPX have not announced any players to their main roster.


Top Laners:

Bin – The most unlikely of the rumors, but one that exists nonetheless. Most sources say that Bin is renewing with Suning, now owned by Weibo, and will be the center piece of their reformed roster. However, after Suning got eliminated from the Summer Split, there were rumors of FPX wanting to buy Bin for 2022.

Hanabi – Rumors are flying around the PCS, as it seems like the region is headed towards another LPL exodus. One of the players rumored to join the LPL is Hanabi. He’s been linked to LPL teams in the past, but with FPX showing interest in multiple PCS players, Hanabi could join.

Zoom – Considering that JDG want to sell their star players, it’s very probable that Zoom will be on a new team next year. With FPX wanting to reboot their entire roster, Zoom is one of the best top laners to grab and build your team around.


XLB – The former player for RNG, XLB had an excellent 2021 in the LDL. He is also familiar with a lot of the FPX staff, and is good friends with Doinb, FPX’s former star mid laner.

Karsa – While Karsa is still with Top Esports, rumors say that the roster will undergo massive changes in 2022. With other rumors regarding Karsa’s future free-agency, it’s safe to say that Karsa won’t be on Top in 2022. With multiple members of FPX’s staff hailing from Taiwon, including Steak, who has worked with Karsa multiple times in the past, it’s no shock that FPX are interested in Karsa.

Mid Laners:

Knight – With a free agent as big as Knight in the market, it should come as no surprise that many teams want him. When the off-season first begun, many had FPX leading the race for Knight. However, it is seeming like BLG won the player over. But until anything is confirmed, FPX is interested in Knight.

Gori – While there will be few Korean imports this off-season, Gori could join the league once again. Formerly with EDG as Scout’s sub, Gori is no stranger to the LPL. FPX is also no stranger to playing Korean solo laners, as Doinb, GimGoon, Khan and Nuguri all played for FPX over the past years.

Bot Lane:

Doggo – Another PCS player on this list, Doggo could join FPX. There are multiple rumors that link him to the team, and he brings the star power that FPX lack with Doinb’s departure. However, should Doggo join, that rules out multiple previously mentioned names. Like any other region, only two imports can play on the same team at the same time.

SamD – SamD has impressed many during his stay with TT. Despite the team’s poor performance, SamD was one of their better players. Currently a free agent, SamD is linked to FPX. However, he falls under the same problem that Doggo does. He counts as an import, so FPX have to be mindful of the other players they sign.

Ppgod – An old face for FPX fans. Ppgod used to play for FPX during his academy days. However, since Crisp was always a star for FPX, he never got his chance to play for the team. After playing for Victory Five and BLG, Ppgod is once again a free agent. Most of the FPX staff hasn’t changed since, so he already knows quite a few faces around FPX.

Bot Lane:

Crisp – The legendary support is linked to multiple teams in the LPL. Rumors are flying around, saying he could be joining BLG, Weibo, IG and at one point even TSM could have been in the cards. With TSM being ruled out, and IG looking quite unlikely, it’s down to Weibo and BLG. However, sources say that BLG is currently winning the race, and are fairly close to signing him.

Shenyi – Speaking of TSM, Shenyi and TSM has been a long story this off-season. From the start of the off-season, there were rumors of a FPX support joining TSM. After a lot of back and forth, with this rumor being disproven and returning multiple times, it seems like it is close to being official.


That concludes the probable moves for the 2022 LPL Offseason FPX. FPX were very public with their changes, and rumors about the player’s departure always existed. However, when it comes to signing new players, they’ve been very secretive. Everything stated in this article that isn’t listed as an official change is susceptible to change. The next article will talk about IG and their potential changes.

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