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LPL Offseason EDG: All Changes & Rumors

LPL Offseason EDG

The LPL offseason is officially underway. With many players becoming free agents and massive transfer offers going back and forth, it’s hard to keep track of all 17 teams. So, over the next weeks, The Game Haus will release multiple articles covering each team individually. These articles will cover everything, from official transfers to rumors and more. These will be released in alphabetical order, so today’s team is for the LPL Offseason EDG, our current reigning world champions.

Today’s will be a much shorter article, considering that there are only two players who could potentially join other teams, and only one of those two is at the end of their contract with EDG.

Official Changes

As of the release of this article, there have been no official changes to the EDG roster.



As of the release of this article, there have been no rumors regarding players joining EDG.

Mid Lane:

Scout – There are a few rumors going around that Scout might be returning to Korea. With League of Legends joining the Asian Games, should Korea get the gold medal, the players representing South Korea would be pardoned from military service, extending their careers. There are two potential problems here. Firstly, Scout got his Chinese residency just this year. This move wouldn’t make sense, especially since his application for his Chinese residency and the official announcement that League of Legends would be at the Asian Games were around the same time. Secondly, there are only 2 teams that reportedly still could need mid laners. Those teams are KT Rolster and Hanwha Life. It would make more sense to remain with EDG, and try to impress again next year, as EDG will probably be a more successful team.

Bot lane:

Viper – The only player with a contract that is expiring, Viper could potentially return to Korea. As mentioned previously, Viper is also eligible and has the skill to represent South Korea. And much like Scout, Viper’s options are rather limited, as only Liiv Sandbox, Nogshim RedForce, and Hanwha Life are looking for ADCs, rumors say. And while Liiv Sandbox and NS RedForce could turn out to be top-tier teams, they are still uncertanties. So while there are rumors regarding Viper returning to Korea, many are saying that he will continue with EDG next year.

That concludes the probable moves for the 2022 LPL Offseason EDG. As mentioned previously, EDG aren’t expected to make any changes, if any. Should Scout and Viper choose to remain with EDG, it’s quite possible that the roster will remain the same. The next article will talk about FPX and their potential changes.

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