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LPL Offseason BLG: All Changes & Rumors

LPL Offseason BLG

The LPL offseason is officially underway. With many players becoming free agents and massive transfer offers going back and forth, it’s hard to keep track of all 17 teams. So, over the next weeks, The Game Haus will release multiple articles covering each team individually. These articles will cover everything, from official transfers to rumors and more. These will be released in alphabetical order, so today’s team is for the LPL Offseason BLG also known as Bilibli Gaming.

Official Changes


Aiming – Returning to KT Rolster

Zeka – Free Agent, rumored to join DRX

Coach Kim – Free Agent, rumored to join DRX


As of the release of this article, BLG have not announced any players to their main roster.


Top Laners:

369 – With rumors flying around that Top might sell all their players, quite a few teams are interested in 369. BLG is one of them.

Ale – Ale’s contract with LNG is coming to a close and rumors say that BLG’s salary offer was better than that of LNG.

Zoom – JDG is interested in selling their star players and starting the roster anew. BLG are supposedly one of the teams interested in buying Zoom.

Mid Laners:

Knight – The biggest name in the off-season free agency, Knight could join a new team in 2022. BLG are currently the front-runners in the race for Knight. However, sources say that Knight does not want to play with 369, so if BLG signs one, the other is all but off the table.

Mole – As it currently stands, the 3 remaining BLG players were all part of Victory Five’s 2020 Summer roster that nearly made it to Worlds. Mole is currently a free agent and was on that same roster. If Knight doesn’t join, BLG will turn to Mole as a possible backup plan.

Bot Lane

Uzi – The juiciest bit from the off-season is that Uzi plans on returning to pro play. Rumors say that BLG is the front-runner in signing the legendary ADC.

Doggo- With Aiming returning to the LCK, BLG will need another adc. An import slot also opens up. And while Uzi is their priority, should it not work out, BLG has a backup plan in Doggo, from Beyond Gaming. During all of 2021, Doggo was the shining light for the PCS region, subbing in for PSG Talon at MSI, as well as having a stand-out performance at Worlds.

Ming – One of RNG’s stars, Ming, is technically a free agent this off-season. While sources say that he is all but confirmed to be returning to RNG in 2022, it’s not a done deal yet. Rumor is that should Uzi sign with BLG, Ming will join the team as well. This shouldn’t be surprising, considering how long they played together.

Crisp – Another legendary support, Crisp, is also linked to BLG. With FunPlus Phoenix apparently blowing up their entire roster and starting anew, Crisp is most likely leaving the team. BLG are one of the teams eying the player. Considering there are no rumors regarding LWX joining BLG, this could be the first time that both players are on different teams.

Top Lane:

Biubiu – With so many rumors surrounding BLG’s top lane, as well as having a promising star player sitting on the bench/academy team, Biubiu’s time at BLG is all but over. While he isn’t an all-star top laner, he most likely won’t be a free agent for long, should he leave the team.


Meteor – The jungler is officially inactive, and has been for a good part of 2021. While the last 2 years have not been kind to Meteor, he used to be a star jungler and BLG’s best player. While his free agency seems inevitable, he could bounce back should he join the right team.


That concludes the probable moves for the 2022 LPL Offseason BLG. While these might not be all the moves that the team might make, these are BLG’s priorities. Everything stated in this article that isn’t listed as an official change is susceptible to change. The next article will talk about EDG and their potential changes.

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