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LPL Mid-Season Wishlist

Now that the Spring Split is over, teams are starting to make their moves to get ready for spring. No matter how well a team performed, there is always room for improvement. Starting this week, once a week there will be an article talking about hypothetical changes the teams can make. The list begins at the bottom of the table and will go up from there.

Victory Five

LPL Mid Season Wishlist
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The first improvement Victory Five can make is to stabilize their players. All throughout Spring, their players had to role swap and play off-meta heroes, making them an easy team to steamroll. While a part of this is due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many other teams were affected, yet none performed as poorly as Victory Five. Y4 was the biggest victim of these role swaps. Originally a carry, he spent most of the split playing as a support, due to Max being unavailable.

Hopefully, Victory Five give him another chance to play the role he was intended to play. Alongside him in the bot lane, Mole had decent performances, despite the team struggling all Spring. Sent to the bot lane, he played some carries, but he really stood out when he played mages in the bot lane. He is a piece that Victory Five should look to maintain, coming into Summer.

Another possible change would be to start playing As6, their substitute jungler, more. He is responsible for the single game win they have this year and he was able to keep up with more experienced junglers in the games he did play. Giving him more experience and an opportunity to form synergy with his laners could prove to be a valuable asset moving into the Summer Split.


LPL Mid Season Wishlist
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

According to leaks, Flandre will be leaving the organization and will join RNG. This is speculation for now, but the rumor is starting to spread. However, that would explain why Flandre was benched for the first time since April 2014. Chenlun17 performed decently enough during his matches, but was nothing too special. He is still a rookie, so his performances are harder to judge. Interestingly enough, Asura got benched alongside Flandre, and there are no leaks yet concerning him. Either way, their problem in the bot lane isn’t in the carry position.

Duan consistently underperformed last split. Now that counter-picking the support is a common thing, Duan seems to be unable to come out on top. Whter he picks his support first and the enemy picks a support to counter him, or he counter-picks the enemy support, he has ultimately been unable to win in the matchup.

Maple is another player who is up for debate. He continues to have a quiet season and hasn’t stood out much in the LPL. Should Flandre leave the team, LNG will need a new poster boy for the team, not to mention captain for the squad. Maple is a great candidate to fill both these roles and yet he continues to have average performances.


LPL Mid Season Wishlist
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

LGD had an interesting Spring Split. Despite their bottom of the table finish, LGD defeated TOP, RNG and OMG at moments that their opponents seemed to be on an upward swing. Their bot looks much better now that Killua is playing. LGD’s main problem is their top lane. Lies is another player that consistently underperforms. With the team being in the playoff race for so long and only falling just short, one can’t help but wonder if it would be different with another top laner. It’s possible that they simply bring their academy player up to the main roster.

Garvey had an excellent season on LGD Youth and even saw some play in the Summer split of last year. Yuuki, the mid laner also had a very on and off season. Fenfen did play in the final game of the season, but it was a match that wouldn’t affect the standings. LGD even tried sending Fenfen to the top lane, but it seems like they will need to invest into getting a new one.

And that concludes the first part of the LPL Mid-Season wishlist. Come back next week, as there will be a look at the next few teams and what changes they could make coming into Summer.

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