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LPL All Pro Teams from Week 4

Much like week 3, week 4 was a shorter one. Despite this, every LPL team but LGD played at least one match this week, with a few playing twice. As far as the names on today’s list, most of them are returning names, with Tarzan and Light being the only players to be in every All-Pro team article so far. A few players are also debuting in today’s article, with a few players being key to big upsets. Here are the LPL All-Pro teams players featured in today’s article.

LPL All-Pro Team 1

Top Lane: Zika – Invictus Gaming

Jungle: Tarzan – LNG

Mid Lane: Xiaohu – RNG

Bot Lane Carry: Viper – EDG

Support: Meiko – EDG

LPL All-Pro Team 2

Top Lane: TheShy – Weibo Gaming

Jungle: Weiwei – BLG

Mid Lane: Angel – Weibo Gaming

Bot Lane Carry: Light – LNG

Support: Missing – JDG

LPL All-Pro Team 3

Top Lane: Ale – LNG

Jungle: Karsa – Victory Five

Mid Lane: Scout – EDG

Bot Lane Carry: Betty – Anyone’s Legend

Support: Qiu Qiu – Anyone’s Legend


MVP of the week: Tarzan – LNG

Rookie of the week: Zika – Invictus Gaming


LPL All-Pro Teams: Top Lane

Zika – Invictus Gaming
LPL All Pro teams

Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

In his second week with Invictus Gaming as their starting top lane, Zika is the All-Pro top laner for week 4. While IG went 1 and 1 this week, with a victory over Rare Atom and a loss to Victory Five, Zika put on an impressive display.

This week, he went up against Cube and Rich, two players who tend to neutralize the lane. And in both of the matches played, he looked like the better top laner by a mile. Picking up MVP in two of IG’s three wins, Zika played Gwen, Jayce and Tryndamere, dominating on all three picks. A very promising start to a very promising rookie.


TheShy – Weibo Gaming
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Finally making his debut in the series, TheShy is the second All-Pro top laner for week number 4. After having such a rough 2021, TheShy has had a fairly quiet start to his year with a new team. This week’s performance, however, was above and beyond his usual play.

What makes his play so unusual this week was his first pick of the week. In their first game against FPX, he played Malphite, not a champion at all associated with TheShy. His adequate performance on a team-based pick like Malphite helped his mid laner win MVP on Orianna. Meanwhile, in the third game of the series, it was his legendary Kennen pick that ended FPX’s hopes at taking the series.


Ale – LNG
LPL All-Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Returning to the list is Ale. LNG only had one series this week, which was a super-match against BLG. In all three games played, Ale was given the shorter end of a skill matchup and managed to impress nonetheless.

In game number one, he played Camille into Fiora, game two was Camille into Akali, and game three was Gwen into Jayce. During the entire series, Breathe, his opposite number and a top-tier top laner, was given the counterpick. While game one ended poorly, he managed to bring more to his team in the next two games than his opposite number did, earning him a spot in today’s article.


LPL All-Pro Teams: Jungle

Tarzan – LNG
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

With another outstanding performance, Tarzan once again proved that he is the best of the best when it comes to the jungle. LNG had a massive series against BLG, and Tarzan made sure that the team that came in undefeated would continue to go on undefeated.

With two games on his legendary Lee Sin, and one game on his pocket-pick Volibear, Tarzan lead the charge against Bilibili Gaming. Serving as the team’s primary source of engage alongside Lvmao, Tarzan set the tempo that LNG would then ride to close out their series and continue undefeated in the LPL.

Weiwei – Bilibili Gaming
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Despite losing to the man mentioned above, Weiwei’s performance this week was outstanding. The only returning player of BLG’s 2021 roster, Weiwei has blossomed into a versatile and exceptional jungler.

BLG were one of the teams that played two matches in week 4. They won three games and lost two, and in all three games they won, Weiwei picked up MVP. What’s even more impressive was that he picked up MVP on three different champions, with Hecarim, Poppy and Xin Zhao being the champions he won with. While he did end up playing Xin Zhao all three times against LNG, he is one of the most flexible junglers in the LPL, playing assassins, bruisers or tanks at the highest level.


Karsa – Victory Five
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Rounding out the junglers in today’s article is Karsa. A living legend when it comes to the jungle, Karsa helped lead the way to Victory Five’s 2:0 week, taking down OMG and Invictus Gaming.

When it comes to Karsa, there are two champions that he simply shouldn’t be allowed to get, which are Lee Sin and Nidalee. Three of his four wins this week were on one of those two champions, putting on MVP deserving performances on those three games and picking up MVP twice. Karsa may be one of the older players amongst the LPL junglers, but his skills on these champions never seem to age.


LPL All-Pro Teams: Mid Lane

Xiaohu – RNG
LPL All-Pro Teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

For the second week in a row, Xiaohu is the best mid laner amongst the LPL All-Pro teams. After putting on such a performance in the top lane last year, many wondered if he could translate those skills back to the mid lane. The answer has been a resounding yes.

In fact, his adventures in the top lane may have improved his skills in the mid lane. Prior to 2021, he was usually in the conversation for Top Five mid laners in the LPL, but would usually fall short of topping that list. However, so far this year, Xiaohu is the best that LPL mid lane has to offer, and that is no small feat.


Angel – Weibo Gaming
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

After a quiet year so far, Angel finally makes his debut in the series. Often the overlooked player for Weibo Gaming, it is easy to gloss over Angel in the mid lane. However, this week he stood out as a beacon of stability for WBG.

Weibo Gaming only played one series this week, a messy one against FPX. In all three games played, Angel played a huge part in the team’s success, playing his control mages to perfection. With an MVP winning performance on Orianna, and a MVP level performance on Viktor, Angel proved that he deserves to be talked about just as much as the other players on Weibo Gaming.


Scout – EDG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Rounding out the list of mid laners, Scout put on a clinic in their match against WE. His job this series was to keep Shanks, WE’s best player, in check. Scout did more than just that, he absolutely schooled WE’s mid laner.

In game number one, he played Twisted Fate into Leblanc. Acting more as an enabler for the rest of his team, Leblanc never got the ball rolling since her opposite number was never there. In game two, he took a more direct approach, playing Lissandra and locking down the Leblanc. At the end of the day, that defines Scout to a T. He plays the way and style that EDG needs at the moment, and he does it consistently.


LPL All-Pro Teams: Bot Lane Carry

Viper – EDG
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

When it comes to bot lane carries in the LPL, the first that comes to mind to most people in 2022 is Viper. And with good reason. Viper has performed exceptionally, and perfection seems to come easily to him.

While the topside of the map may be EDG’s point of stability, it is their bottom side that ensures all the magic happens. When it comes to hard carries, there are few that can go toe-to-toe with Viper. Picking up MVP in both their games against WE, Viper is making a name for himself when it comes to Carry of the Split.


Light – LNG
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

It feels like the only player that could contest Viper’s supremacy is Light. Alongside his jungler, Light has been in every article of the LPL All-Pro teams series, proving that not only is he good, but he is also consistent.

While their solo laners are definitely top-tier, it is the partnership of Tarzan and Light that makes LNG the team they are. Tarzan sets the early tempo and Light carries the game out from there. Despite being the number one priority to kill, it seems like Light always manages to escape, all while dealing massive amounts of damage to the enemy team.


Betty – Anyone’s Legend
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

One of the surprise players on today’s list, Betty was the main reason that Anyone’s Legend managed to win both their series this week. With a whopping 43 kills and another 34 assists, Betty is AL’s most consistent player.

After winning their first series of the season, Anyone’s Legend lost every series played since. However, this week, the team made a miracle bounce back and took down both Ultra Prime and Rare Atom, and will enter week 5 as the tenth and final team to make playoffs.


LPL All-Pro Teams: Supports

Meiko – EDG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Alongside his partner in crime, Meiko was absolutely brilliant against WE. Up against a rookie bot lane, Meiko had the opportunity and the ability to flex on his opponents, changing up his playstyle massively between both games.

At the end of the day, this is what makes Meiko, and all of EDG for that matter, such a threat. All of them are such flexible players that will continue to be top-tier regardless of meta. Playing Tahm Kench in game one, he kept Viper alive while he carried the game. In game two, he changed it up and played Thresh, to help follow up on his teams already massive engage. It is this flexibility that makes Meiko the star he is.


Missing – JD Gaming
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

A player who is making a name for himself so far this split is Missing. After moving from WE to JDG, Missing seems right at home alongside his new carry. Despite being one of the main sources of engage for his current team, he only died once in his series against his former team.

When it comes to the new generation of supports, Missing is at the top of the list. He’s been consistently on the radar of top teams for a while now. When JDG decided to pick up a new bot lane, he was the first one to join, while Hope joined later. JDG knew exactly who they wanted to lead in their new bot lane. And so far this split, Missing has shown that their choice was well made.


Qiu Qiu – Anyone’s Legend
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Rounding out the support players is someone who many may not have expected. Despite playing in the LPL since the Summer split of 2017, its been a while since Qiu Qiu was viewed as a top-tier support.

However, it was him and his partner in crime Betty, that dominated both Ultra Prime and Rare Atom. Often serving as the team’s main source of engage, Qiu Qiu can ofter overextend and end up dying. However, in both of the series he played this week, he was fundamental in keeping key enemy players locked in place, while Betty mopped them up.


LPL All-Pro Teams: MVP of the week

Tarzan – LNG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Once again, Tarzan picked up MVP of the week. This is the third time that TGH has awarded him with this title, with last week being the one exception. Tarzan is at home in the jungle and is LNG’s most important player, earning him MVP of the week once again.

While LNG only played one series this week, it was a doozy against BLG. Not only that, Weiwei, Tarzan’s opposite number looked absolutely unstoppable in his previous series against ThunderTalk Gaming. So much so that BLG even took game one, and it was Weiwei who, once again, picked up MVP. However, in the next two games, Tarzan had Weiwei’s number and showed him why he, Tarzan, is the number one jungler in the LPL.


LPL All-Pro Teams: Rookie of the week

Zika – Invictus Gaming
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Zika put on incredible performances this week against both Rare Atom and Victory Five. While IG only managed to win one of those two series, Zika made sure to leave his mark in the top lane, showing that he is here to win.

IG’s solo laners this split have a very difficult task. After years of having TheShy and Rookie as their solo laners, IG now has two rookies where the legends once stood. While Zika may have a long road ahead of him if he wants to catch up to the TheShy, every journey must begin somewhere. And for Zika, that somewhere was week 4. Welcome to the LPL, Zika.


And that concludes the fourth  LPL All-Pro article of the year. Next week, The Game Haus will release the top players of the fifth week. Make sure to stay tuned!

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