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LPL All Pro teams from Week 2

The second week of the LPL is now history. While there were few surprises when it came to team results, the players from the teams did perform differently from expected. Of the fifteen players mentioned in the article covering week 1, only six are returning this week. This goes to show how competitive the league is, with multiple players being able to step up and carry on different teams. With that said, here are the LPL All-Pro teams of week 2.

LPL All-Pro Team 1

Top Lane:  Rich – Victory Five

Jungle: Tarzan – LNG

Mid Lane: Rookie – Victory Five

Bot Lane Carry: Viper

Support: Meiko

LPL All-Pro Team 2

Top Lane: Ale

Jungle: Jiejie

Mid Lane: Xiaohu

Bot Lane Carry: Light

Support: Missing

LPL All-Pro Team 3

Top Lane: Xiaolaohu

Jungle: Kanavi

Mid Lane: DoinB

Bot Lane Carry: Elk

Support: Lvmao


MVP of the week: Rookie – Victory Five

Rookie of the week: Doggo – Bilibili Gaming


LPL All-Pro Teams: Top Lane

Rich – Victory Five

Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

The LPL All-Pro top laner for week 2 is Rich. Rich joined Victory Five after Ninjas in Pyjamas bought the LPL slot. With the influx of money, Rich was one of the major investments the team made, picking him up from Nogshim Redforce.

What puts Rich so high on the list this week isn’t just his performances, but his versatility. In their first series of the week, against RA, he played Gragas and Graves, two picks that are often left for weakside top laners. However, in their win over Top Esports he pulled out the Gwen and the Akali, showing that he can also play more carry-orientated picks. Due to this, Rich takes the spot.


Ale – LNG
LPL All-Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

The second top laner to make today’s list is Ale. Despite LNG’s lacklustre performance at Worlds, Ale impressed many of the viewers with his mechanics. Perhaps that is why many wondered what happened in week 1. However, in week 2, Ale showed off the mechanics that everyone knows he has.

In the current meta, top laners often play on the weak side of the map. Gragas, Graves and Renekton are three of the most common top lane picks/bans. However, Ale sees that as an opportunity to shine and run away with the game. It was in their second game against WE that Ale, on his beloved Camille, ran over his opponents and picked up MVP.


Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

The first returning player from last week, Xiaolaohu is once again the third top laner of the week. Despite FPX ending the week 1:1, Xiaolaohu once again showed up big when he could. In most of his matches, he is able to help carry FPX over the finish line.

That said, it has become clear that he isn’t comfortable playing Gwen. In fact all three of FPX’s losses this split, he was on Gwen duty. While he wasn’t the main reason for FPX’s losses in any of those games, he wasn’t able to perform and carry the same way he is able to on the likes of Jayce or Graves.


LPL All-Pro Teams: Jungle

Tarzan – LNG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

The second returning player to today’s article is Tarzan. Once again, Tarzan dominated the jungle. In fact, he looked even stronger than he did in week 1. And while LNG did have easier matches this week, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Tarzan dominated once again.

What makes him even more menacing is that Doinb seems to be back in form. Doinb is notorious for holding hands with his junglers and helping them out. If Tarzan looked so good with Doinb not being able to help him as much, imagine the potential heights that Tarzan could reach with Doinb helping him consistently.


Jiejie – EDG
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Another jungler and another returning player. The jungle is one of two roles that have multiple returning players, with bot lane carry being the other one. Regardless of that, Jiejie had another amazing week. Against both Ultra Prime and OMG, Jiejie played a fundamental role in ensuring EDG’s victory.

Jiejie plays a very important role on EDG. Oftentimes, he will be the team’s sole engage, or at least a major part of it. And despite this, he is the jungler with the lowest average deaths in the LPL. Jiejie’s way of playing league is truly unique, and he is deserving to once again, be on this list.


Kanavi – JD Gaming
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Kanavi is the final jungler of today’s list. JD Gaming came into week 2 winless, and Kanavi played a crucial role in helping them to pick up 2 wins, including a surprise win over FPX.

Two years ago, Kanavi was the first draft pick for anyone talking about LPL junglers. However, last year Kanavi struggled to remain amongst the best, and in the end, finished at the middle of the pack. However, he is still young, and a strong comeback is a real possibility.


LPL All-Pro Teams: Mid Laners

Rookie – Victory Five
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Returning to the top of the LPL, Rookie is the number 1 All-Pro mid laner of week 2. In their 2 matches played, Rookie picked up 3 of the 4 mvp’s, being fundamental to continue V5’s undefeated run.

After such a poor season in 2021, it is refreshing to see Rookie succeed somewhere else. In a meta that feels tailor-made for him, Rookie is set up for success. It feels right to see Rookie back at the top of the LPL table, and if his first few appearances are anything to go by, he’s hungry to win it all.


Xiaohu – RNG
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Returning to the mid lane, Xiaohu is the second mid laner of today’s article. While some of the RNG members have been fairly questionable, Xiaohu played out of his mind in week 2. Xiaohu is currently tied for first in MVP votes this split.

With this being Xiaohu’s triumphant return to the mid lane, he remains the focus of this team. Wei still often plays through the mid lane, and he still sets the beat that RNG will play by. While RNG is yet to convince many that they deserve to be a top team, Xiaohu has convinced many that he still is a top-tier mid laner.


Doinb – LNG
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

The third mid laner is another LPL legend. Doinb had an amazing week, picking up one MVP vote and performing to the level that was expected of him. Up against Shanks and Yuekai, Doinb showed neither rookie any mercy, as expected of the 2021 Summer Split MVP.

Speaking of 2021, Doinb had an amazing summer split, but a rough Worlds. Many had questions about the mid laner, with many questioning if he was going to retire. After a slower start to the split, Doinb came to play in week two, and is well-deserving of his spot on this list.

LPL All-Pro Teams: Bot Lane Carry

Viper – EDG
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Considered by many to be the best bot lane carry in the world, Viper has returned to the top. Putting on amazing performances in week 2, Viper picked up MVP in both of their games against OMG.

Playing almost exclusively Jhin and Aphelios, Viper is thriving in the current meta. Alongside Meiko, who is also on this list, Viper and Meiko have established themselves as the premier bot lane in the LPL. EDG continue to play like its 2021 and they just won Worlds.


Light – LNG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Once again, Light finds himself as the second bot lane carry of the week. Light continues to put on amazing performances, and while he is a weakside bot laner, his numbers go toe-to-toe with the best that the LPL has to offer.

Light also has an amazing stat for this week. In four games over the course of two series, Light only died once. Ending the week with a 23/1/23 KDA, Light continues to be LNG’s silent carry.


Elk – Ultra Prime
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Much like Light before him, Elk finds himself in the same position he did last week. Except for this time, Ultra Prime has a series win to their name, taking down LGD in a 2:1 series.

Much like in week 1, Elk had an amazing performance in the series that UP lost. In week one, he picked up an MVP vote in their 2:1 loss to Top Esports. This week, it was against EDG. Viper and Meiko are both at the top of their respective roles in today’s articles, yet Elk still managed to outshine both. Later in the week, Elk took both MVP votes when Ultra Prime took down LGD.


LPL All-Pro Teams: Support

Meiko – EDG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Much like his lane partner, Meiko sits at the top of his role this week. Meiko is one of the veteran supports in the LPL and he continues to show his experience in EDG’s games.

Despite the lack of MVP votes, Meiko plays a very important role on EDG. He shares the team’s shotcalling alongside Flandre, who didn’t play in their match against OMG. And with how clean EDG have been playing, much of that clean and crisp shotcalling is due to Meiko.


Missing – JD Gaming
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

After nearly making it into the article in week 1, Missing is here in week 2. Missing and Hope have become a formidable bot lane due, with only one week of experience together in pro play.

Previously on WE, Missing was always considered to be the next big support in the LPL. However, on WE, glory never knocked at his door, and Missing left for a bigger team. Now on JDG, Missing will want to team up with the veterans on his team and take the LPL by storm.


Lvmao – LNG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Closing out the supports is Lvmao, a pick that many may be surprised to see. When he was announced to be joining LNG, many were confused as he seemed like a downgrade from Iwandy. He also had a really rough start to the split and it felt inevitable until he was benched.

However, week two is already done and not only has Lvmao not been benched, he’s been playing quite well. During both of his matches this week, he performed much better than expected. While he is still a ways away from his 2020 form when he was on the first All-Pro team in the summer, he is starting to get his mojo back after a rough year.



LPL All-Pro Teams: MVP of the week

Rookie – Victory Five
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

When it comes to performances, no one contributed more to his team’s immense success than Rookie. Despite Victory Five having two rough matches in week 2, Rookie rose above and beyond the rest, earning him his spot as the MVP of the week.

After such a shaky year, missing playoffs for the first time since joining Invictus Gaming, it was clear that Rookie needed to start anew. Joining up with Karsa and Rich, each legends in their own rights, they bring the experience that their young bot lane lacks.


LPL All-Pro Teams: Rookie of the week

Doggo – Bilibili Gaming
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Ok, so technically, Doggo isn’t a rookie in the sense that he has played in the PCs since the beginning of last year. However, the LPL counts their rookies as new players to the LPL, seen in Viper’s nomination of Rookie of the Split last spring.

Regardless of that, Doggo had a great week. Almost making it to the top 3 of the week, Doggo was key to BLG’s victory over OMG, and picked up an MVP vote in the second game of the series. A young player that oozes talent, keep your eyes on Doggo going forward.


And that concludes the first LPL All-Pro article of the year. Next week, The Game Haus will release the top players of the third week. Make sure to stay tuned!

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