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LPL All Pro teams from Week 1

While the split may just have started, players are already making a name for themselves. To help spread the word on players’ good performances, The Game Haus will start a new weekly series, where the top 3 players for each role will feature in an article to form the All-Pro teams. The weekly MVP will be a part of the article as well, and the rookie of the week will round out the article. So without any further ado, here are the LPL All-Pro teams of week 1.

All-Pro Team 1

Top Lane: Shanji – OMG

Jungle: Tarzan – LNG

Mid Lane: Strive – Rare Atom

Bot Lane Carry: Huanfeng – Weibo Gaming

Support: Crisp – Bilibli Gaming


All-Pro Team 2

Top Lane: Flandre – EDG

Jungle: Jiejie – EDG

Mid Lane: Knight – Top Esports

Bot Lane Carry: Light – LNG

Support: Meiko – EDG


All-Pro Team 3

Top Lane: Xiaolaohu – FunPlus Phoenix

Jungle: Wei – RNG

Mid Lane: Creme – OMG

Bot Lane Carry: Elk – Ultra Prime

Support: COLD – OMG


MVP of the week: Tarzan – LNG

Rookie of the week: Shanji – OMG

Top Laners:

Shanji – OMG
LPL All Pro teams

Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

The best performing top laner this week was Shanji, from OMG. Despite this being his rookie split, Shanji has demonstrated he has the talent to tango with the best of the LPL. Winning all three of his matches this week, Shanji won MVP in three of the six games he played.

That said, OMG are yet to face a team expected to make playoffs. Their opponents were ThunderTalk Gaming, Anyone’s Legend and Invictus Gaming. Due to this, we are yet to see Shanji and OMG pushed to their limit. However, this doesn’t discredit the amazing performances that Shanji had in week 1.


Flandre – EDG
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Despite only playing one match, Flandre had an amazing performance, earning him a spot on the second All-Pro team. In their series against JD Gaming, Flandre played like a man possessed. Up against another LPL legend in 369, Flandre’s star shined brighter.

Not only did Flandre shine, he did in style. He played two mages, playing Annie in the first game and Vladimir in the second. In both of the games, he dominated 369 and exerted his pressure. In-game one, he managed to shut down 369’s Kennen, while in game two, his Vladimir play nabbed him his first MVP of the year.


Xiaolaohu – FunPlus Phoenix
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

FPX’s top laner will round out the top lane for week 1. While he technically started playing last year, he only played 3 games as FPX’s starting top lane in the LPL, since Nuguri was their starter for the rest of the year. Since this is going to be his first split as the sole starter, he will be eligible as a rookie for this split.

Despite FPX’s new bot lane getting all the attention, Xiaolaohu in the top lane has been a huge part to their success. Picking high-pressure top champions, he forces the enemy team to either camp him or risk losing their entire top side. Xiaolaohu is here to show that he deserves respect.



Tarzan – LNG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

After being the number 1 All-Pro jungler last summer, Tarzan is here to show that he is still in top form. Currently tied in first in the race for MVP, Tarzan was crucial in both of LNG’s wins. Dominating the map, stealing drakes and confirming barons, Tarzan had a near-perfect week.

This meta is also a perfect fit for Tarzan. Historically, Tarzan has always excelled at playing high-tempo skirmishers that he can use to engage. Sejuani, Olaf and Lee Sin are his most played champions, with Gragas, J4 and Xin Zhao rounding out his top six. Three of those champions are considered the premier picks this split so far, so Tarzan is more than willing to play and excel on those champions.


Jiejie – EDG
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Jiejie had an unbelievable start to the year. In his first game of the year, he ended 11/2/15, with his 2 deaths being to fountain that he and half the team used to get kills. Participating in 26 of the team’s 29 kills, Jiejie walked all over JDG.

Currently the world champion jungler, Jiejie is coming off an amazing year. Despite not always getting attention on his roster, Jiejie is the gear that allows the machine to function. Already a legend in his own right, Jiejie is looking to the future and towards establishing a legacy.


Wei – RNG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Closing out the junglers for week 1 is RNG’s Wei. Much like Jiejie before him, Wei isn’t the player that gets the most attention but is arguably the most important player on his roster. Between helping his solo lanes push their advantages and covering for his aggressive bot lane, Wei is always at the right place at the right time.

When it comes to reading the map and understanding the jungle, Wei is arguably the best the LPL has to offer. Always ready to cross-map when possible, Wei always tries to help RNG get past the finish line. While he won’t get the most MVP’s, he will most likely be RNG’s most consistent player.


Mid Lane

Strive – Rare Atom
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

A player that Rare Atom have been nurturing for years, Strive has finally made into the LPL. And what a grandiose entrance it was. Despite Rare Atom’s 1 and 1 record, Strive looked impressive in both of his matches. Up against Top Esports and LNG, Strive had to face Knight and Doinb in his first and second matches in the LPL.

Add the fact that he was replacing Fofo makes Strive’s week even more incredible. Starting in the place of Fofo, one of the best and most consistent players from 2021, Strive had massive shoes to fill. After his first week, it seems like the shoes not only fit, they may end up being too small.


Knight – Top Esports
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Once again, it seems like 2022 will be the year of Knight. After having an unbelievable 2021, Knight even broke the records the most solo kills in a single split. Despite all that, Top Esports didn’t even make it to the Regional Finals.

But all that is in the past now, as 2022 is a new year. Despite not picking up a game MVP yet, Knight had 5 amazing games this year. While Top Esports have lost three of their five games, Knight has looked amazing, even in defeat. Should he continue to play in this form, Knight will return many times to this article.


Creme – OMG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

The rookie of the split last year, Creme is still in the same form. While Shanji picked up 3 of OMG’s 6 MVPs, Creme picked up another 2. The team is very top-side focused, and a large part of this is due to Creme dominating in his mid-lane matchups.

While he is still in top form, much like he was last split, he is showing a different side to him. Last year, he was known as an assassin player, dominating on picks like Akali and Sylas. While he did play Akali once, he been playing much more meta picks, like Viktor and Corki. And still dominating, regardless of the meta change.


Bot Lane Carry

Huanfeng – Weibo Gaming
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Despite Weibo being one and one in the standings, Huanfeng had an amazing week. In the match that they did win, a 2:0 win over WE, Huanfeng picked up a double MVP. In their loss to BLG, he was constantly getting the better of Doggo, with solo kills and 2v2 kills.

One of the more impressive parts of Huanfeng’s performance is his level of dominance, despite playing with a struggling partner. ON hasn’t been playing well so far this split, but Huanfeng is more than picking up the slack. As long as Huanfeng is playing well, it feels like Weibo will always stand a chance.


Light – LNG
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Another player continuing his top form from the end of last year, Light has put on amazing performances so far. In both his Ultra Prime series, as well as the Rare Atom series, Light excelled and demonstrated that he deserves to be respected.

Much like Huanfeng, Light has also been playing with a struggling support. LNG brought Lvmao from JDG, but his performances have been lacklustre. However, Light has risen above and beyond, helping Tarzan carry LNG to both of their victories.


Elk – Ultra Prime
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

The only player on this article that lost both of his matches, Elk had an unbelievable week. Despite going to a team that will likely struggle for most of the split, Elk is showing that he is still one of the LPL’s top talent.

Despite going up against Light in his first match and JackeyLove in his second, Elk stood his ground. Not only that, he managed to get advantages against both. Elk also got the first pentakill of the split, picking it up on Kai’sa, in Ultra Prime’s one game win, against Top Esports.



Crisp – Bilibili Gaming
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Despite only playing one series this week, Crisp dominated the bot lane. As mentioned above, Huanfeng had Doggos number throughout that entire series. However, Crisp had all of Weibo’s number.

In their match against Weibo, Crisp was always in the right place at the right time. It seemed that no matter what Weibo did, Crisp already had the answer for it and was ready with the counter-punch. Combining experience with talent, Crisp outclassed ON, and the entirety of Weibo for that matter.


Meiko – EDG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Another veteran player, Meiko was once again a difference-maker for EDG. Playing the engage supports that he knows better than anyone, Meiko helped lead EDG to decimate both of their opponents.

With some of the best stats amongst supports for the first week of the LPL, Meiko continues to show that no matter the season, Meiko is always in contention for best support. From enchanters to engage to disengage, Meiko can play them all and look dominant.


Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

The third support is also an LPL veteran. A support that has been struggling for the past few years, seeing COLD return to the top of the LPL is a blast from the past.

Not only has COLD looked amazing, he did it all playing different playstyles. He played hard-engage tank champions like Rell and Nautilus, he played the squishier-engage champions in Rakan and Thresh, and played Yuumi, and enchanter, as well. With a 100% win rate on all these champions, it seems like COLD’s experience is finally shining through.


MVP of the week

Tarzan – LNG
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

When it comes to MVP, despite Shanji giving him a run for his money, it had to be Tarzan. Up against Ultra Prime and Rare Atom, Tarzan was absolutely the most important player for the side of LNG. Had it not been for him, LNG would be 1 and 1, possibly 0 and 2.

In a league that is stacked in the jungle position, it seems like time and time again Tarzan finds his way to the very top. The Summer Split All-Pro jungler, Tarzan has shown ever since that he deserves to be remembered as one of the best junglers of all time.


Rookie of the week

Shanji – OMG
LPL All Pro teams
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

The easiest pick of this entire article, Shanji had an unbelievable first week. Despite having some hype to his name, Shanji came from Team Pinnacle, one of the non-academy teams to participate in the LDL.

From the very first game, Shanji showed that he is going to be a star. In his first game, on Gwen, he survived a 1 vs 3 tower dive while his team took the top side. In his second game, he finished 4/1/12 on his signature pocket-pick Rumble, making his opposite number look like the rookie, finishing 1/8/3. Shanji has a future in this league ahead of him, the question is how far can he go?


And that concludes the first LPL All-Pro article of the year. Next week, The Game Haus will release the top players of the second week. Make sure to stay tuned!

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