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Looking Ahead for Rogue

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Looking ahead for Rogue, the team falls in at 6th in the ranking with a 7-5 record. The potential exists for the team to be higher, however the gatekeeping has been strong. Rogue beat the teams around them in the standings, while losing to the very best of Europe. Taking a look forward, what can Rogue do to grow into a contender?

Improve Team Play

One of the biggest differences between Rogue currently, and teams like Origen and FNATIC, is the fact that laning phase is too crucial for the team’s success. Wins primarily course through Finn’s and Larrsen’s success on an individual basis against their respective counterparts. However, when facing the creme de la creme of Europe, that lacks enough gusto to cross the finish line. Rogue need to level up their coordination as a team, setting up precise plays to happen at specific times. Not to mention having Inspired out early and often in terms of impacting lanes.

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Mid Game Decision Making

Looking ahead for Rogue, one of the teams biggest strengths lies in the early game. However, the team lacks the ability to effectively snowball those advantages against the better teams. Being able to decide when to take skirmishes and fights, when to not take them. On top of deciding to prioritize taking neutrals, dragons, rift herald, or prioritize farm and turret gold. Both options provide solid options for victory. But there are times when Rogue gets caught between the two, whether being out of position for a fight, or being late on the play.

Better Drafts

If there exists a better way to say this, it has not occurred to anyone yet. Considering that multiple drafts have happened where Rogue did not respect Soraka as a champion. Not only did the team not have an answer for it, but no bans towards it occurred. Yes, not every team played the champion, however, considering her strength as a champion. Banning it must be a priority until a counter-strategy can be found. These decisions cost Rogue the game against G2. When outmatched, it should be considered that the best chance of success lies within minimizing picks that cannot be contained. By doing this they can allow themselves a chance for victory.

Where to go now?

With playoffs just a few weeks away, looking ahead for Rogue means that these areas need drastic levels of improvement should the team wish to be a contender. How does this occur? Better understanding of the meta, recognizing team weaknesses, and working more effectively together.  Rogue, as a team, gain advantages through laning. Without those advantages coming through, the difficulty of victory occurring lies outside of Rogue’s reach at this stage. The game against FNATIC states this clearly. FNATIC simply executed better as a team than Rogue did. Rogue did not incur the usual advantages in lane, and this allowed FNATIC to punish. The potential exists for Rogue to be great, but many steps are ahead of the team.

This Week

With Vitality and MAD Lions on the docket this week, Rogue possesses the opportunity to seize control of their destiny. The team currently possesses a 0-1 record against MAD Lions. A victory evens the season series, meaning if the teams tie at the end of the split, a tiebreaker occurs. Vitality should be a easy victory for Rogue as long as the team performs to typical standards. What needs to be done by Rogue this week, better mid-game decision making, more impact from Inspired, and better team cohesion. The team follows through on decisions, however, the pro-activity generally lags behind.



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