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League of Legends

LOL 11.20 Patch Notes Released: New Bewitching Skins

11.20 Patch Notes

With patches every couple of weeks, League of Legends players need to make sure they are keeping up with all the changes. From champion nerfs and buffs, item changes, and an immense amount of bug fixes, these changes help organize the meta for a better state of play for Worlds 2021 Even for casual players, the changes are essential to understand what changes are coming, and how they could affect their playstyle. Here are the LoL Patch 11.20 Patch Notes.

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Champion Changes in 11.20 Patch Notes


Amumu’s gotten a little too strong in both jungle and support. He’s uncharacteristically made lots of friends in bot lane, so Riot is nerfing him a little more there.

Q – Bandage Toss

  • Damage :: 70/100/130/160/190 (+85% AP) >>> 70/95/120/145/170 (+85% AP)
  • Mana Cost :: 30/35/40/45/50 >>> 70

Bandage Toss damage decreased late; mana cost increased and no longer scales.


Darius hasn’t been all that commanding lately. Riot is buffing his sidelane pushing and dueling powers while making his W more of a one-point wonder.

W – Crippling Strike

  • Cooldown :: 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds >>> 5 seconds

Crippling Strike cooldown decreased and no longer scales.


Elise keeps getting trampled underfoot by monsters and foes in the jungle, so they are boosting her carapace to help her survivability. (That’s spider-speak for defense, by the way.)

Base Stats

  • Base Health :: 534 >>> 555
  • Armor Growth :: 3.35 >>> 4

Base health and armor growth increased.


Hecarim used to stampede over Pro play with his full tank builds but has since become more of a fighter. They are helping him continue in this new direction with a chance to get a second W cast in fights, plus a buff to his sustain and clear.

W – Spirit of Dread

  • Cooldown :: 22/21/20/19/18 seconds >>> 18 seconds
  • Capped Healing Versus Minions and Monsters :: 90/120/150/180/210 >>> 120/150/180/210/240

W cooldown reduced and no longer scales; healing against minions and monsters increased.


Playing Irelia late game shouldn’t be a total waltz in the park. She is succeeding too easily—especially when she stacks heavy AD items like Sterak’s and Goredrinker—so they are cutting down on the bladedancer’s passive boost late.

Passive – Ionian Fervor

  • Bonus AD Ratio at Max Stacks :: 30% >>> 20%

Passive bonus AD ratio at max stacks reduced.

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV’s been dominating the jungle meta with his exemplary ganks and super fast clear. They are partially reverting his 11.16 buffs—more specifically, the part that helped his dueling and clearing capabilities. 

Passive – Martial Cadence

  • Bonus Damage :: 10% of target’s current health >>> 8% of target’s current health

Passive bonus damage reduced.


Shen’s tipping the top lane tank meta out of equilibrium. They are reverting the 10.15 buff to his shield to restore some of the balance. 

Passive – Ki Barrier

  • Shield :: 60-111 (based on level) (+14% bonus health) >>> 50-101 (based on level) (+14% bonus health)

Passive shield decreased.


The mad chemist has gotten a little out of hand ever since they added a couple tricks to his name, like Grievous Wounds on his R+Q. Reducing the output on one of his less signature moves should keep him in smog check.

E – Fling

  • Base Damage :: 50/65/80/95/110 >>> 50/60/70/80/90
  • Damage Ratio :: 75% AP >>> 60% AP

E base damage and AP ratio decreased.


Taliyah is doing a bit too well in the jungle after her latest set of buffs. Riot is helping her stay grounded without eroding her rediscovered powers in mid.

Q – Threaded Volley

  • Damage to Monsters from Subsequent Stones :: 80% >>> 75%

Q damage to monsters hit by subsequent stones reduced.


Tank phoenix Udyr was a menace in Pro earlier this season thanks to items like Turbo Chemtank. The meta’s changed quite a bit since then, and it’s left him in a pretty sad state. They are reverting the 11.12 nerf on his R to let him spread his wings once again.

R – Phoenix Stance

  • Cone Damage :: 50/95/140/185/230/275 (+80% AP) >>> 60/110/160/210/260/310 (+80% AP)

R cone damage increased.


Imperial Mandate

Imperial Mandate hasn’t been a strong choice for most enchanter supports and bot lane mages. They are giving it the royal treatment with a damage boost to make it more viable as a Mythic.

Initial Hit Bonus Damage :: 36-60 (based on level) >>> 45-75 (based on level)

Bugfix :: Damage dealt by Imperial Mandate’s mark will be properly attributed to the allied champion who consumes it

Jungle Changes

Smite healing based on max health reduced. Gromp and Ancient Krug base AD decreased.


They are partially reverting the 11.10 Smite changes to reign it in. To compensate, Riot is reducing a couple of the stronger camps’ base damage to help early game clear.

Healing Based on Max Health :: 15% >>> 10% 

Jungle Camps


  • Base AD :: 78 >>> 74

Ancient Krug

  • Base AD :: 78 >>> 74

Worlds Clash

Team formation for the first weekend of Worlds Clash opens on October 11, with matches taking place on October 16 and 17. In addition to the standard trophy, banner, and logo rewards, Worlds Clash grants an additional Loot Capsule containing:

1st place (both Basic and Premium Tickets):

(1) Worlds Event Orb + (1) Random Championship Skin Permanent + (1) 2021 Dragonmancer Clash Icon

2nd – 7th place (Premium Tickets):

(1) Random Championship Skin Permanent + (1) 2021 Dragonmancer Clash Icon

8th – 15th place (Premium Tickets):

(1) Random Championship Skin Shard + (1) 2021 Dragonmancer Clash Icon

For all other Worlds Clash participants (both Premium and Basic Tickets):

(1) 2021 Dragonmancer Clash Icon

Bugfixes & QoL Changes

NEW PLAYER EXPERIENCE : Brand will replace Ahri in the League of Legends tutorial. Seraphine will take Brand’s place as one of the unlockable champions in the “Unleash the Storm” quest 

BEHAVIORAL SYSTEMS : AFK penalty changes will continue their rollout to additional regions except Korea and China

Fixed a bug that would invalidate wins if all players closed their clients with Alt+F4 within a certain window at the end of a game

The colors of Dawnbringer Vex’s Shadow and Worlds 2021 Champion Jarvan IV’s walls have been fixed to match each of their chromas

Fixed a bug where Sylas would not get another cast of Vex’s stolen <strong>R – Shadow Surge</strong> if the marked target died within the ability’s reset window 

Fixed a bug where Vex’s Passive – Doom ‘n Gloom would incorrectly mark enemies moved by champion-created terrain, such as Anivia’s W – Crystallize or Jarvan IV’s R – Cataclysm

Fixed a bug where Sion would not get marked by Vex’s Passive – Doom ‘n Gloom while in his Passive – Glory in Death frenzy

Warwick’s W – Blood Hunt bonus movement speed toward an enemy will no longer be affected by the presence of another enemy in his path

Fixed a bug where Rengar’s Q – Savagery animation did not play when he activated Ironspike Whip, Goredrinker, or Stridebreaker 

Fixed a bug where Karthus’ Q – Lay Waste granted Tear of the Goddess stacks despite not hitting a valid target

Fixed a bug where, if Neeko owns a Hextech Alternator, her W – Shapesplitter clone would die early whenever she took damage while invisible

Fixed a bug where using R – Devour on an enemy Wukong’s clone granted Tahm Kench vision of him for the rest of the game 

Fixed a bug where Senna’s Q – Piercing Darkness did not grant Press the Attack stacks

Fixed a bug where Vex was able to recast R – Shadow Surge on Gwen while she was in her W – Hallowed Mist

Lulu’s E – Help, Pix! now correctly grants a shield when cast on an allied champion’s clone

Fixed a bug where Cho’Gath’s Passive – Carnivore and Warwick’s Passive – Eternal Hunger heals worked against wards, trinkets, and certain champion-created objects

Fixed a bug where Shadow Assassin Kayn would only receive half of local tower gold if his living shadow from W – Blade’s Reach was active and in range

Viktor will correctly obtain 5 Hex Fragments for his Passive – Glorious Evolution upon killing super minions and epic monsters (in addition to siege minions)

Miss Fortune’s Passive – Love Tap tooltip now includes the reduction on bonus damage against minions

Anivia’s base voice lines have been remastered to sound clearer, cleaner, and smoother

LeBlanc’s critical attack sounds will now play correctly for all of her skins

Fixed a bug where LeBlanc’s W – Distortion dash did not play its sound effect if cast from Fog of War into vision

LeBlanc’s W – Distortion will correctly play a sound effect for herself and her allies when its return indicator times out

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released in 11.20 Patch Notes

Bewitching Poppy

Bewitching Syndra

Bewitching Nami

Bewitching Yuumi

Bewitching Fiora

Bewitching Morgana Prestige Edition

The following chromas will be released in 11.20 Patch Notes:

Bewitching Poppy

Bewitching Syndra

Bewitching Nami

Bewitching Yuumi

Bewitching Fiora

Unbound Thresh, originally released as an Event Token exclusive during Sentinels of Light, will be added to the store as a regularly-purchasable 750 RP skin. Riot is also making splash and in-game adjustments to better match Thresh’s face with his appearance in the Thresh Unbound: A Night at the Inn

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