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Lillia Trots her way into Pro-Play

Despite being one of the more recent releases, Lillia has already started to make her way into the pro meta. Being played as mostly a jungler, Lillia has shown potential to be flexed to the top lane. It’s with this focus on the jungle, that today’s article will take a look at Lillia, The Bashful Bloom.

So who is playing her?

Lillia trots her way into Pro-play
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Surprisingly, the aggressive junglers of the LPL seem to favor her the most. Tian, Kanavi, Leyan, Weiwei and Meteor have all played her, to varying success. In the LCK, Spirit, Cayon and Pyosik have a 100% win rate on her, with Pyosik already picking her up 4 times. In NA, Dardoch has one loss with her, while Santorin has one win, which resulted in three bans in their series against Cloud9.


Why pick Lillia?

Lillia trots her way into Pro-play
Image Courtesy of Surrender at 20

With Gragas and Elise falling out of the meta, and Eve and Karthus being situational picks, Lillia presents herself as another AP option. She plays out as a burst mage but tends to stack HP and likes more defensive options like Zhonyas, Abyssal Mask and Deadman’s plate. With plenty of sticking and kiting potential, Lillia can be quit obnoxious to shake off, especially once she finishes Rylais.


How to counter her

Lillia trots her way into Pro-play
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Lillia’s core identity is a kiting mage. With no direct dashes of her own, Lillia suffers when facing champions that can close the gap against her. Graves and Nidalee can not only close the gap but can also out-farm her in the jungle. As a short-range hero, she is also very susceptible to poke, so mid laners like Syndra or Zoe pose a threat to her viability.


And that concludes today’s article about Lillia’s arrival in pro-play. With playoffs happening all across the world, more and more pros are starting to pick her up. Should she not get any nerfs, she will definitely show up on the Worlds stage.

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