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League of Legends: LEC Week Two Recap and Highlights

LEC 2019 Spring Split Finals

Week one of LEC was hyped with amazing plays and some high-level League of Legends. Week two followed suit and provided more. Despite the fact that some teams failed to continue on last week’s hype, there are some interesting highlights to look over.

There is going to be an LEC recap every week, so stay tuned! For now, let’s dig into all the highlights from last week.


To start things off, it is mandatory that the “elephant” in the room be addressed – Fnatic. This topic is becoming so chaotic after the end of week two. The team appears to have a negative synergy at this point. It seems like no one on the team is in the position to take up the carry role. However, since this topic has room for a lot of analysis, it is better left out for the time being and revisited at a later date.

LEC week two
Sencux – Image via lol.gamepedia

In a similar situation, Rogue find themselves at the bottom of the standings at 0-4, right next to Fnatic. Nonetheless, this week they did show us that they have some fight in them with Chres “Sencux” Laursen, especially, popping off for his team.


Team Vitality, on the other hand, showed some good League of Legends this week. Finishing 2-0 this week, taking down Rogue and the undefeated Misfits, Vitality stepped up and contested a spot in LEC’s upper tiers alongside G2. There are definitely some things to deal with in terms of individual misplays but the overall gameplay exhibits some high-level coordination and execution.

Moving on to SK Gaming who showed two very different sides of gameplay this week, similar to week one.

Xerxe – Image via Splyce’s Twitter

In their first game this week, they looked dominant against Excel, but they didn’t fare as well against Schalke 04. Their very questionable draft, obvious miscommunication issues and lack of coordination showed.

While SK gaming is struggling with coordination issues, Splyce popped up this week with some amazing plays, making a case for themselves as one of the best-coordinated teams in week two. The key to their success and their 2-0 week was definitely Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir who had two amazing games, especially with his Karthus jungle.

Origen had a pretty bad week as well, going 0-2. The team looks lost – despite showing some interesting individual plays here and there. Their overall gameplay seems very chaotic with important mistakes and miscommunication. The team definitely has the individual parts to build something big, but the synergy is simply not there (yet?).

Schalke 04 was one of the most dominating teams during week two. Closing the week 2-0, Schalke makes some big plays with individual talent as well as team coordination being on a very high level. Excel, on the other hand, failed to keep up this week, ending up 0-2. The team definitely showed flashes of brilliance, especially during their game against G2 Esports, when they almost took down one of the LEC’s super teams. In their game against SK, they exhibited some great individual talent, but they also showed they were prone to making crucial mistakes, possibly due to lack of experience.


Hans Sama and GorillA – Image via Misfits’ Twitter

The time has come to talk about the LEC’s super teams. G2, as well as Misfits, played some high-level League of Legends during week two, as they did in week one. However, both teams showed that even gods can bleed when Misfits went down against Vitality and G2 almost lost to Excel. G2 managed to come back after being on the back foot for the entirety of the early and mid game against Excel.

Misfits showed an inability to salvage the game when they were robbed of their win condition, bot lane Steven “Hans Sama” Liv and KangGorillABeom-hyeon. After Vitality successfully split the map, with Misfits controlling the top side and VIT controlling the bot side, Misfits were unable to rely on other parts of the team. Soaz and Febiven couldn’t carry the game, ending in lost fights where Hans Sama was caught out of position.

“Lose lane, lose game” seems to be the perfect description for Misfits in week two of the LEC!

Featured image courtesy of LoL Esports.

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Featured image via LoL Esports.

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