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LEC Power Rankings: Week 4

G2 in their game against Schalke

The LEC kicks off Week 5 today, and has some fantastic matches this weekend. While no top-tier teams will be facing off against each other, many of the middle-tier teams will be looking to stake their claim towards the upper echelon. With a great schedule lined up for this week, here’s how TGH ranked the LEC teams heading into Week 5.

1. G2

So it’s been a rough week for G2. That doesn’t mean they got worse. Mostly, it’s Rasmus “Caps” Winther looking uncomfortable on Aphelios. Who knows how much practice he got on the champ heading into the split. Even though they lost both games, the S04 game showed G2’s power, as they extended the game so long with their clutch inhibitor plays. G2 won’t be falling down the leaderboard at all, but it’s a question of how well will Misfits and Origen play to try to topple them. Misfits really brought it back together last week and look to be a powerful team.

  • Mani Dasoju

2. Origen

After a much needed 2-0 weekend, Origen seem to be back on track. This was of course after losing to Misfits, so honestly having Origen in second is a bit of a head-scratcher. While Origen are a solid team, they still are not playing as well as Misfits and likely should be considered third best currently. They have one relatively easy game in SK Gaming and then they take on a Fnatic team that has yet to find their footing. Another 2-0 and this team will be on cloud nine.

  • Robert “Sorenzen” Hanes

3. Misfits

Via @MisfitsGG

Misfits have surpassed all expectations. Their coaching staff has been able to bring out the very best of its players. They are unrivaled in terms of evolving and adapting. Though the rookie roster has proven its potential, it still needs to find consistency. The players are inexperienced and bound to make basic mistakes and misjudge opportunities. The biggest question mark remaining is the ability of Petr “Denyk” Haramach and Ju “Bvoy” Yeong-hoon during the laning phase.

  • Joaquin Suarez

4. Fnatic

Tough times for Fnatic coming into Week 5 as Rogue and Origen both look terrifying. However, the jungle/mid synergy continues to improve, which is sorely needed. In these coming matches, it all comes down to the draft, and Fnatic will look to improve in that department.

  • Kalae Holck

5. Rogue

Rogue continues to make strides in the early game, especially against SK. However, the bot lane has been caught multiple times. Their game control is rock solid, but need to continue to improve in order to challenge G2 and the other top teams for higher standings.

  •  Aaron Preuss

6. Mad Lions

Courtesy of LOL Esports

After an up-and-down week in Week 4 it is very difficult to pinpoint where MAD ranks right now. Their macro looked great against Fnatic and they also showed an ability to quickly fix drafting issues. It’ll be tough to beat third ranked Misfits, and even harder to topple G2, but this could be a defining week for the young squad of MAD.

  • Noah Schaar

7. Excel Esports

Excel had two very different games last week, against two very different types of opponents. Against a lesser team like SK gaming, Excel and specifically Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont looked great. Against OG however, the team looked flat, and Caedrel went 0-6-4 on the Jarvan. Consistency will be key heading into this week, where they’ll most likely lose out to G2 and need to be competitive against a renewed Schalke.

  •  Dalton Jewell

8. SK Gaming

When this team gets ahead early, they can win games. When they get behind, as they have almost exclusively done, they struggle. SK fans should not worry too much though. There is still at least playoff level talent on this team but they have to stop drafting for late games with picks like Ezreal on Crownshot and Karthus on Trick. They need to go full early game and allow Trick to make plays around the map. If they do this then they will have a decent chance of going 2-0 this weekend and getting back into the playoff hunt.

  • Robert “Sorenzen” Hanes

9. FC Schalke 04

Picture Courtesy of Riot Games

Schalke beat G2 and look to be heading in the right direction. It seems like removing the toxic players from the team has improved their gameplay. Hopefully, this continues against Vitality and Excel, two other bottom-tier teams.

  • Dylan Balos

10. Team Vitality

Though Vitality’s performances have been overall solid, fundamental errors have plagued each of their games, especially unwise engagements that lead to catastrophic losses. If this decision making can be curtailed, Vitality may very well come back and win a game or two this split. If not, however, it is likely they will end up winless.

  • Niko Sjogren


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Our voters for LCS Power Rankings: Robert Hanes, Dalton Jewell, Thomas Santos, Aaron Preuss, Noah Schaar, JJ Fonseca, Richard Imp, Niko Sjogren, Mani Dasoju, Joaquin Suarez


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