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LEC Power Rankings Week 4: Miracle Running

LEC Power Rankings

The LEC continues to rumble on with the top teams really shaking things up between themselves. There are no longer any undefeated teams in the LEC with Rogue dropping their first game of 2021. There were also two roster changes made. Crownshot joining Vitality as their starting ADC and Nukeduck is stepping away with MagiFelix getting his chance on Astralis. With that, here are the LEC Power Rankings for Week 4.

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1. Schalke 04

The miracle run technically ended in 2020 and also when Schalke lost two of their first three games. That said they are starting to put everything together and now they might be starting another run. Schalke have won two major games in their last three played beating Rogue and G2 in pretty convincing fashion. Everyone on the team are gelling well with their newest addition, BrokenBlade. He has already started to play extremely well now that he is settled in. Surely they will have some slip-ups here and there but Schalke are the real deal. They are playing with confidence right now and everyone in the LEC should absolutely fear having to play them.

2. Rogue

It has fealt like Rogue are limit-testing themselves for the past few games. Either that or they have just not been playing the clean games that LEC fans are used to seeing. Their loss to Schalke showed that they were mortal and now Rogue do not have to worry about having the perfect split. They are still an extremely strong team and they have a chance to prove that again versus MAD and G2 in week four. If they can 2-0 the weekend, there is a chance they could jump right back up to the top spot.

3. Fnatic

Truthfully putting Fnatic here feels a little weird considering they have one more loss than G2 but this team seems to really be finding themselves. They have looked much more in sync and their win over G2 showed that. Now they need to carry that momentum into the middle part of the Spring. Upset and Nisqy are starting to look like what Fnatic fans were hoping for. But, until they are fully integrated, Fnatic can look to Bwipo to continue his hot streak where he is looking like the best top laner in the LEC.

4. G2 Esports

It really looked like it would be Rogue and G2 battling it out for the top spot this Spring. Then G2 dropped two of their last three games to Fnatic and Schalke. Neither game was particularly close which is why G2 are ranked well below where many fans would expect them to be. Truthfully they are still the strongest team in the LEC but they are definitely vulnerable. Should they decide to turn it back and just roll Misfits and takedown Rogue this coming weekend then they will quickly climb right back up the rankings.

5. Excel

Ever since losing to MAD Lions, Excel have quietly been on a three-game winning streak. Excel seemingly will be the gatekeepers to the top of the league. They have only beaten Schalke 04 of the top four teams and that was in week one before Schalke really started to get it together. Now Kryze and Patrik are leading this group of solid players to possibly their first LEC playoff berth ever. Patrik probably won’t get any MVP votes but he should at least be considered for the All-Pro teams with the way that he has been carrying this team.

6. SK Gaming

Speaking of a player who won’t get any MVP votes but should, Treatz has been a one-man wrecking crew in 2021. He is the kill participation leader for the LEC and the next closest support in that category is Tore who is 8% behind him. He also has the best gold difference and experience difference amongst all supports and it is not even close right now. SK Gaming are a pretty average team overall but Treatz makes them a playoff team. As long as they keep following Treatz they will continue to find success.

7. MAD Lions

It is only the beginning of Spring Split and that is a fair argument that any team can use right now. But, for a team that was supposed to be getting better with their new pickups, MAD Lions have looked pretty rough. Humanoid and Carzzy specifically have gone from looking like some of the best in their roles to some of the worst. The biggest issue they are having is that they are dying too much while trying to force plays when they are down. It is likely that they are still adjusting to a newer style of play and figuring out comms issues. That said, if it weren’t for Armut just putting on his carry pants right now, MAD Lions would be already in danger of missing out on the playoffs. Luckily it is still early and these players are certainly good enough to work their way back towards the top.

8. Misfits

Even with the strong veterans on this team, Misfits are still working out a lot of the kinks with their young players. There have been flashes of greatness from both HiRit and Vetheo so far this Split. They definitely look like players that could have outstanding careers in the LEC. For now, this team struggles to find good fights and they are normally playing catchup after being behind in lane. The good thing is that Misfits feel close in a lot of their games. If they can just manage to get a bit better then it could be enough to see them fighting their way into playoffs. Until they can start winning though, they will sit near the bottom of the rankings.

9. Team Vitality

It is strange for a team that is seemingly committed to growing their young players to sub out someone who was arguably their best player last season. Comp was probably not the reason this team is 1-6 so far this season. Yet, Vitality have decided to change things up and give Crownshot the reins. He has consistently been a top-five ADC in the LEC so he is likely an upgrade in terms of current skill when compared to Comp. Vitality will need to turn it around fast though for this not to be considered one of the worst moves of the year. If Crownshot and the team continue to struggle it is probably worth putting Comp back in and building him up for the Summer and beyond.

10. Astralis

MagiFelix is finally going to get his shot to start on a team that was seemingly made for him. Astralis are full of players most people in the LEC recognize but who have not played much in the past few years. The sad thing is that none of them have been playing well so far and they almost feel like they are all playing for themselves and not the team. MagiFelix is unlikely to be the one to fix these issues. At this point, Astralis are playing for pride as there is little to no hope that they will reach the playoffs.

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