The LEC 2022 season started with G2 surprising everyone and rising to the top much earlier than anticipated. Now, the homestretch of the season has arrived with a Super Week and three games to wrap things up. It still feels like nearly any team could win, except for one. Here are the LEC 2022 Summer Split Week 8 Power Rankings.

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10. Team BDS (2-12)

(Last Week: 10)

A win over Excel is definitely nice and it shows that NUCLEARINT can certainly put on his carry pants when the rest of the team isn’t feeding. Maybe this is the start of a bright spot heading into 2023 as BDS are the only team eliminated from playoffs.

9. Excel (7-8)

(Last Week: 6)

As with every week in the LEC, some team sadly has to be in this spot. This week it is Excel for a few reasons. For starters, they are on a four-game losing streak and then they broke BDS’ ten-game losing streak. This team has completely lost their mojo and Mikyx is just running it down. They still have three games left with two vital ones against Astralis and SK. Excel are a good team that is having a major funk at the wrong time.

8. SK Gaming (6-9)

(Last Week: 8)

Even with a win over Rogue, SK are still on the outside looking in thanks to a loss to Fnatic. If SK are to make playoffs they are going to need some help and they will have to take care of business against Excel. Should they lose that second game of three, their playoff chances are essentially zero.

7. Fnatic (7-8)

(Last Week: 7)

They finally broke their losing streak, only to get whooped by G2. It is time to admit that Fnatic just aren’t that good. They seemingly cannot find a win condition and stick to it. Unfortunately for them, they still have two teams battling for a top two spot in Misfits and Vitality. If they were to win those games though, perceptions of the team would likely change.

6. Astralis (7-8)

(Last Week: 9)

After so many weeks in ninth, Astralis have finally moved up thanks to a big win over Vitality. They are still a pretty average team but they hold their playoff hopes in their own hands. With games against Excel and Fnatic, Astralis can fend off the competition. Should they win both of those games they would hold the tiebreaker over Excel, be tied with Fnatic and it would take SK going 3-0 to catch them. Safe to say, they truly hold their destiny more than any other team vying for the last playoff spot.

5. Vitality (9-6)

(Last Week: 2)

A win over BDS, even with their takedown of Excel, still does not mean much. Losing to Astralis was a big deal. It feels like the team revolves around if Perkz is playing well. If not then this team seems to struggle at maintaining leads. Also, where is Carzzy? It feels as though he has been completely forgotten about, despite being a great player to try and play through. Either way, Vitality should only need one win to lock into playoffs and then after that, it is all about finishing top four and making Worlds.

4. Rogue (9-6)

(Last Week: 3)

Rogue are 1-3 in their last four and yet, their one win is against MAD. This team is starting to struggle more than many would have hoped. It feels as if yet again they are being challenged in the draft as teams are taking away Rogue’s strengths. They have to adapt more or they will be starring down a tough road to making Finals. This team is still good enough to make Worlds, but they have to show that this losing is helping them learn now.

3. G2 Esports (9-6)

(Last Week: 5)

There were so many concerns surrounding the winners of the LEC Spring Split. Now, most of those concerns are gone. Sure, G2 will drop games here and there but all of their players are playing very well. Winners of five of their last six games, G2 will want to end on a strong note. They have an opportunity to still finish first and guarantee a Worlds spot but they will need to run through MAD and Misfits to do it.

2. Misfits (9-6)

(Last Week: 4)

Could Neon win MVP? While it may seem crazy, he has been one of the main drivers for this Misfits four-game win streak. Ever since Zanzarah was added and Misfits announced that they were selling their spot, this team has been the hottest team in the League. They are really showing up their owners aren’t they? Vetheo and Neon may just be hot enough to carry Misfits to their first and only championship.

1. MAD Lions (10-5)

(Last Week: 1)

Yes, MAD went 0-2 this weekend, including a loss to SK. That said, this team is still the team to beat. Every team in the LEC has had one of these weeks and it is MAD’s first time. They may not be completely unstoppable but do not doubt that they will learn from this week and come out swinging to attempt to keep their automatic Worlds qualification spot.

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