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LEC 2021 Preseason Power Rankings

G2 Rekkles

With the rosters set, fans and analysts alike have had time to look at each move and determine how the LEC teams are looking heading into the season. Obviously, there are plenty of unknowns and until the teams play, all people can do is make their predictions based on the names. They can use past games and see on paper how each team might pan out. With that in mind, here are the TGH 2021 LEC Preseason Power Rankings.

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10. SK Gaming

This team has a lot of young and relatively unproven talent. Even players like Treatz and Jenax who have the most experience in a major region are still pretty unproven. That said, Treatz will need to be the leader for this team. On TSM he showed that he has talent and the knowledge is there. Expect him to shotcall and potentially pull this team to victory. Don’t forget about coach Jesiz who has show a knack for coaching and could really help this team develop. If he and Treatz can help the young ones like Jezu transition well into the big leagues then this team could surprise. But, early on don’t expect much from them.

9. Astralis

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What a fall from grace for the team formerly known as Origin. They have been picked apart and only Nukeduck remains. While the team is made up of veteran talent outside of Jeskla, who has some time but is still relatively new, Astralis look like they will struggle. The only thing keeping them from being in last is their veterancy which should help them to wins early in the Spring Split. Once some of the younger teams and players get games under their belt, they will start to surpass this squad pretty quickly.

8. Excel

While this team definitely got better over the offseason, so did everyone who is ahead of them. Patrik and Tore will need to continue to be a solid if not uninspiring duo in the bot lane for this team to find success. Kryze showed some good games but will need to hold his own much better when left on top lane island. Then Dan who has been doing well and learning while with Fnatic will be an interesting player to watch. But, the big signing for them was Czekolad in the mid lane. This kid has been good for a few years and is finally getting his shot. If Excel want to, excel, then they should build around him and make sure he feels comfortable so he can develop.

7. Vitality

The Vitality rebuild is taking much longer than a lot of their fanbase has probably liked. They, unfortunately, missed a full year of Milica and even when he finally was able to play he was hot and cold. The same can be said about Comp. Though when this team is on, they are really on. In their seven wins last Summer, Vitality and specifically Milica and Comp showed that they can go toe to toe with nearly anyone. Until they find consistency though, they will sit near the bottom of the league. Watch for rookie Szygenda though, if he starts to quickly reach his potential then Vitality could be a dark-horse playoff team.

6. Misfits


Seven-man rosters or just expanded rosters, in general, have been met with a variety of results. Some teams like T1 and DAMWON have found success while figuring out who they want to start. While other teams like Evil Geniuses have struggled. For Misfits they made a good choice in keeping Kobbe and Razork as both players have high floors and solid enough ceilings to help this team succeed. Bringing in Vander to split time with denyk was a great decision and Agresivoo clearly showed enough last season to be brought up. The player to watch on this team though is the rookie mid laner, Vetheo. The French 18-year-old has immense potential and could be the star player this team has needed for years to come. If he comes on in a big way sooner than many thought, Misfits could be a team no one wants to face come playoff time.

5. Schalke 04

The team that made the impossible run is finally getting the respect they deserve and truthfully, even this ranking could be low for them. When looking at the roster the addition of BrokenBlade will be a solid one as this team can play through him and enable him to carry games in a big way. With Gilius likely continuing his god status and Abbedagge coming into his own in a major way, the top side of the map for this team can go blow for blow with almost anyone. The problems and questions arise in the bot lane. Neon really showed up during the run last year but he also has struggled historically and showed this in their final playoff series. LIMIT is easily the biggest question mark on this team and will likely be the first player scrutinized by the fans if this team starts to struggle. If Dylan Falco can bring this team together and show that last year’s magic was not a one-time thing, then every LEC team better be on the lookout.

4. MAD Lions

There is little doubt that the MAD Lions have found their core in Humaniod, Carzzy and Kasier. Now they will need to see if additions Armut and Elyoya can solidify what could be an extremely dangerous MAD Lions squad. Fans will need to be a bit patient with this team as adding two new pieces may take them some time to come together. Once they do though, they could truly be the kings of the jungle in the LEC. Teams already feared their proactive style and weird drafts and there is little doubt they will be bringing that back with the massive item changes. Look for MAD to be fighting for a top spot in the LEC once again.

3. Rogue

In 2020, Rogue had one glaring weakness and it was in the top lane. They let Finn go and upgraded substantially by adding Odoamne. Not only will he bring the calming voice and late-game shotcalling but he is also hungry. After Schalke struggled for most of the season he was a major catalyst for their late-season run. Now he will want to continue to find success. Luckily Inspired, Hans sama and especially Larssen are more than up for the task. If Larssen can continue his sky-rocketing development he could take sole ownership of the second-best mid in Europe. The only big question mark is Trymbi who is taking over for Vander. They must believe the solid Summer he had with AGO Rogue was enough to prove he is ready for the big time. Hans sama should be able to help his progression to the big leagues without much issue. Rogue should be ready to make another run to Worlds and possibly fight for an LEC Championship.

2. Fnatic

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G2 continue to gut this team and yet Fnatic march on. Even after losing Rekkles they brought in Upset who should at least be in the conversation for the second-best bot laner in the LEC. They also likely upgraded from Nemesis by bringing home Nisqy from Cloud9 and NA. He has been criminally underrated and will have the chance to prove that with Fnatic. Bwipo, Selfmade and Hyllissang are back with early coach of the year candidate and under the radar signing, YamatoCannon. Clearly, there have been a lot of important moving parts for Fnatic but even so, they should still expect to contend at the highest level. They may struggle to figure out their style at first but YamatoCannon should help to ease potential issues there and then they can have their sights on G2.

1. G2 Esports

Was this really ever in question? They are truly the team to beat in every way shape and form. Somehow by losing Perkz, who is arguably the greatest Western player of all-time, they got better. Rekkles could be considered the best Western ADC ever and he like his former and now current teammate Caps left Fnatic in the dust to create the super team that is G2. Anything but first place is a disappointment for this team. Hopefully this year they can make another run at Worlds and bring the West and Europe it’s first Worlds title in a decade.

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