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Yuumi’s Best Pairings


Support mains have been itching for a new champion for a while now. Though Pyke came out roughly a year ago, he is a unique support based on high damage output. Many consider “true supports” to be those champions that enable their carries to do the killing, not just do it themselves. Well, the wait is over, as Yuumi the Magical Cat is on its way. But as support players start to bring Yuumi onto the Rift, who will be her best ADC champs to duo with?

Yuumi – Courtesy of Riot Games

Meeting the Magical Cat

As her kit stands now, Yuumi provides nearly everything one could ask for in an enchanter support. Her most unique ability, You and Me! (W) attaches her to an ally. She can dash between allies while using it, and her other abilities also affect her partner while they are attached. Prowling Projectile (Q) is a long range poke that can slow the enemy, and Zoomies (E) provides a heal and speed boost to herself, or an ally if attached. Final Chapter, her ultimate ability, looks like a combination of Sona and Miss Fortunes ults, doing waves of damage and rooting enemies that don’t leave the area soon enough. Additionally, she can move while using this, which will make it more difficult for enemies to escape.


Likely Pairings

Ezreal – The Safe Poke Lane

Ezreal is often a fairly strong champion, due to the strong poke from his Mystic Shot (Q) and mobility from Phase Shift (E). Playing Yuumi in lane with an Ezreal can double down on these strengths. With a poke of her own, she can harass the enemy along with her ADC, and while most Supports get left in the dust when Ezreal shifts away from (or more often toward) danger, Yuumi can stay attached and make the journey with him, for better or for worse.


Kai’Sa – The All-In Lane

The thing that really sets Kai’Sa apart from other ADCs is her ultimate, Killer Instinct. While the goal of most ADCs is to stay behind their team, dealing damage from a distance, Kai’Sa’s ultimate ability allows her to dash a great distance, often putting her in the midst of her enemies. While this often allows her to get kills on the enemy back line, it also puts her all alone, a very risky situation for an ADC. But no longer will she have to go in alone. With Yuumi by her side, her chances to get kills while staying alive increase greatly, and will make her an even greater threat in the late game.


Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune – Riot Games

Miss Fortune – The Ultimate Ultimate

In the early game, Yuumi’s kit will layer nicely with Miss Fortune’s passive movement speed buff from Strut, making them a very mobile pair. The real threat comes at Level 6 though. When Miss Fortune unleashes Bullet Time, the multiple waves of Physical Damage can be deadly. However, now paired with waves of Magic Damage as well as a root to hold them in place, the Pentakill potential from a well timed Ult pairing has gone through the roof.


Lucian – Dodge, Duck, Dip Dive and Ult

Lucian gets some of the benefits of both Ezreal and Miss Fortune. As with Ezreal, Yuumi can join Lucain while he dashes, increasing the mobility of the pair. However, they also gain the added benefit of synergizing ultimates. Both can move while putting out waves of damage from their ults, and the resulting devastation will be similar to that of her pairing with Miss Fortune, except no longer stationary.

Yet to be Seen

Of course, this is all theory based on how her abilities currently stand. Reworks, patches, and real game interactions will undoubtedly show which pairings come out ahead. What is sure is that Yuumi will shake things up in the Bot Lane very soon!


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