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League of Legends: Worlds Day 7, Group C

Quick Results

  1. KT Rolster defeated Team Liquid.
  2. Edward Gaming defeated MAD Team.
  3. Team Liquid defeated MAD Team.
  4. Edward Gaming defeated KT Rolster.
  5. Team Liquid defeated Edward Gaming.
  6. KT Rolster defeated MAD Gaming.

Team Liquid v KT Rolster

Worlds Group C
TL and KT team compositions with TL Pobelter center. Photo via Riot Games and LoL Esports.

KT Rolster (“KT”) won what looked like an easy match against Team Liquid (“TL”). They started their snowball early and never gave TL a chance to breathe. Score began with a gank in the bottom lane, getting First Blood for Deft. He then turned his attention to the middle lane and Ucal found a kill too. KT commanded almost every objective on the map, getting an Ocean Dragon, the Rift Herald and the First Tower bonus.

One of only two small blemishes came around the first Mountain Dragon. TL won a skirmish two-for-one, which later led to the Dragon and a bottom tower. All the while, though, KT was constantly destroying towers in every lane. They picked fights with TL at multiple moments, and while they didn’t always always find kills, they used it to create pressure. This pressure led to five towers being taken by 20 minutes, helping to build their 2k gold lead.

A quick team fight in the middle lane also went in favor of TL. They found a pick onto Ucal, and crucially lost none of their own members. TL secured another Mountain off of this. KT was not keen to give TL an avenue in and showed it at 23 minutes. Here, they killed two TL members in the blink of an eye. This translated to an easy Baron take. KT did not hesitate here. They rushed down mid, quickly demolishing the Inhibitor. When KT turned to the bottom one, TL made their last engage. It proved fatal, as KT won the fight and got an Ace. They finished off TL’s Nexus shortly after at 26 minutes.

MAD Team v Edward Gaming

Worlds Group C
MAD and EDG team compositions with EDG Ray center. Photo via Riot Games and LoL Esports.

MAD Team (“MAD”) continued to struggle with their loss to Edward Gaming (“EDG”). EDG looked fantastic, with the team working well together and every member stepping up. They lost First Blood to an early Kongyue gank, but made up for it with kills against Uniboy and Liang. EDG got their first Infernal Dragon at 10 minutes and the first team fight win five minutes later. Here, they won the fight around Herald four-for-two and got the objective, which led to the First Tower bonus.

EDG continued to accumulate advantages of all sorts and were ahead by 3k gold at 20 minutes. Though they faltered and lost one fight, they made up for it at 27 minutes. At this point, the teams met and battled at the Baron pit. EDG slaughtered four MAD members and easily secured Baron Nashor. With this, they demolished multiple towers and opened up the mid lane Inhibitor.

At 35 minutes EDG killed two MAD members in their own jungle. They pushed in the MAD base and killed two more members, but over-chased for kills and couldn’t finish off the open Nexus. With this in mind, EDG played it safe and brought down the Baron Nashor again. It wasn’t long until they pushed all three lanes and destroyed all three Inhibitors. The massive pressure from the minions and EDG line-up proved too much. Four MAD members died in a desperate defense and EDG finally finished the game at 39 minutes.

MAD Team v Team Liquid

Worlds Group C
MAD and TL team compositions with TL Olleh center. Photo via Riot Games and LoL Esports.

TL won a much needed match versus MAD. TL fans were anxious to see their team keep their Quarterfinal hopes alive. So they were worried when a counter gank resulted in First Blood for MAD. TL quickly turned the game in their favor after this. Multiple members rotated around the map to get two kills in the bottom lane and one in the top. TL secured two early Cloud Dragons as well. MAD did show potential when they got the First Tower bonus bot, and both Tier One towers in the top and mid lanes.

The gold was quite close at 20 minutes; TL had more kills while MAD had more towers. A couple of minutes after this point, TL caught Liang out again while Doublelift solo killed Breeze. This led to a couple more towers and another Dragon. After finding another kill onto Breeze, TL quickly snatched the Baron but lost Pobelter for it. When they did utilize the buff, they cleaned up all the outer towers and even the bottom lane Inhibitor.

At 29 minutes TL grouped and took the middle lane Inhibitor, which allowed them to set up Baron once more. Because of this, they were able to easily take it two minutes later. TL pushed through top to take that Inhibitor, and then moved through the base to retake the bottom one that had respawned. The minions flooded the base as a bloody, messy fight ensued with members from both teams dropping. TL did manage to finish the game off at 33 minutes.

Edward Gaming v KT Rolster

Worlds Group C
EDG and KT team compositions with KT Mata center. Photo via Riot Games and LoL Esports.

EDG stole an upset win versus KT, punching their ticket to the Quarterfinals while crushing TL’s hopes. It was a competitive match and it was very back and forth for much of it. A skirmish in the bottom lane at five minutes appeared huge for KT, as they got two kills. KT won another fight in the bottom side of the map a few minutes later. EDG showed they wouldn’t roll over when the teams fought at Rift Herald, where they secured the objective and four kills.

Both teams traded objectives consistently, and multiple towers fell in the mid game. At 19 minutes, Ucal came up huge for his team in a mid lane team fight. He got a triple kill, though two of his own mates fell. The game slowed down for a bit until 27 minutes. Here, KT finished an Infernal Dragon then met up to engage EDG. EDG blasted KT, winning the fight four-for-one which then gave them the chance to snag the Baron buff.

EDG took a few towers with this but couldn’t do significant damage to KT’s base. Thus, the game dragged on until the second Baron. EDG rushed it at 33 minutes, and burned it down before KT was in range to contest it. Instead, they picked a full team fight. This decision was fatal, as EDG slaughtered KT and got a clean Ace. EDG, with no one to defend against them, destroyed KT’s base with ease and took their Nexus at 36 minutes.

Edward Gaming v Team Liquid

Worlds Group C
EDG and TL team compositions with EDG iBoy center. Photo via Riot Games and LoL Esports.

TL ended their tournament with a win over EDG, taking fate out of EDG’s hands for the first seed. The game was relatively close and a bitter sweet end to their run. Haro was able to secure First Blood for iBoy with a gank at level 6, while Xmithie answered with a kill onto Ray in the top lane afterwards. An awkward play at nine minutes in the bottom lane turned into a full blown team fight. Scout had a great Lissandra engage, but TL turned it around to take two kills. This was huge and translated to the First Tower bonus.

Within the next 10 minutes, TL went on an objective spree. They took two Infernal Dragons, Rift Herald and a couple of towers. EDG did answer with a kill and tower of their own but they couldn’t quite match TL’s tempo. Multiple members were caught out  in the follow minutes while the teams fought for control of the Baron pit.

Finally, it was EDG who decided to begin combat with Baron Nashor. TL promptly came to contest them and secured three kills, which in turn gave them the Baron buff as well. They took a middle lane tower and Mountain Dragon, when suddenly a team fight broke out on the edge of EDG’s jungle. TL killed two EDG members quickly and ran into their base. They took two Inhibitors before leaving. When the two teams met in the top lane, one last fight erupted. TL, once again, won it three-for-one and with the momentum smashed EDG’s base and Nexus at 33 minutes.

KT Rolster v MAD Team

Worlds Group C
KT and MAD team compositions with MAD Uniboy center. Photo via Riot Games and LoL Esports.

KT took first seed in Worlds Group C with a victory over MAD. It looked close through almost all of the game, and even MAD favored at some points. MAD looked threatening when Liang solo killed Smeb for First Blood and the teams went two-for-two in a top lane skirmish. Score propelled his bottom lane ahead with a great two-kill gank on their lane, which later led to the First Tower bonus. MAD continued to play to their strong point, Liang, and Benny helped facilitate a tower dive to get a tower up there.

The teams traded back and forth, but MAD’s strength unfolded in one play. MAD decided to tower dive Smeb again when he was alone in the bottom lane. To their despair, Mata’s Shen ultimate gave Smeb the survivability he needed. He kept fighting and his team backed him up, allowing him to get a needed Double Kill.

KT snowballed effectively from here. They brought down multiple towers and amassed a 4k gold lead by 20 minutes. AT this same point, KT made the play that would really push them on to victory. They contested MAD as they tried to take Infernal and stole the Dragon away. There were multiple kills going over to KT as well, and it allowed them to get Baron for free. KT finished the game swiftly with this advantage; they dove MAD’s bottom lane Inhibitor Tower and found a clean Ace. Deft smiled as he got a Quadra Kill and destroyed MAD’s Nexus at 25 minutes.


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Featured image via LoL Esports Flickr.

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