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League of Legends Valentine’s Collection

League of Legends Valentine's Collection

Riot Games has released a Valentine’s Day themed League of Legends merchandise line. The products include jewelry, plush animals, cards and much more. The following are some of the best products from the League of Legends Valentine’s Day Collection.

Plush Animals and Mouse Pad

League of Legends Valentine's Day Collection
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

There are a wide variety of different plush animals in the League of Legends Valentine’s collection. Annie’s bear, Tibbers, has four different available colors, there are Poros and Poro cushions, as well as Star Guardians that will all make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts for lovers of plush animals. There is also a mouse pad that includes the Sweetheart splash art for the iconic couple Xayah and Rakan.

Jewelry and Clothing

League of Legends Valentine's Day Collection
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

There are a few new pieces of jewelry in the Valentine’s Day merchandise line. The Xayah and Rakan themed bracelets and keychains are great for people who enjoying playing the champions. More True Damage merchandise is also included in the collection with a “Giants” pendant necklace as well as an Ekko bracelet. There is also a pin pack featuring popular champions Jinx, Ashe and Yuumi. A t-shirt line is also a part of the collection, featuring champions such as Ahri, Ezreal, as well as Xayah and Rakan.

Card Set

Valentine’s Day cards are an excellent gesture to fill out messages and hand out to loved ones. There is a 10 pack card set featuring cartoon versions of champions such as Annie, Amumu and Tristana. These are all blank cards, so they can be used to write personalized messages. This is also a creative idea for children to fill out and pass out to their friends during school, while expressing their enjoyment of League of Legends.


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Featured photo from Riot Games

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