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League of Legends to Add 4 New Champions in 2022

A new year, and a new 2022 roadmap video – there is plenty of content on the way for League of Legends players. The 2022 roadmap video featured sneak peeks into several different topics. Riot highlighted brand new battle passes, new skins, and plenty of Wild Rift updates. Best of all, League of Legends announced their plans to create four new champions in 2022. While there may not be a character for each lane, players can be excited to know that these new additions will be coming in 2022.

In the roadmap video, Riot members discussed what type of champions players can expect for the upcoming year. First, they discussed the latest champion to be revealed in Zeri, the Spark of Zaun. Zeri is the first champion to join the roster in 202. As a bot laner Zeri brings an electric flair to the position.

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Joining Zeri in the bot lane is a brand new support character. The support is teased as a brand new type of enchanter. Players can also expected a new jungler, and another new bot lane addition later this year.

Riot also mentioned that they would be slowing down the release of champions to focus on making each individual champion the best it can be. This also includes a brand new VGU for Ahri later this year. The new champions don’t have an exact release date yet, but players can expect the releases to be spread out throughout the year.

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