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League of Legends: The Fantastic Four of LCS Week Four

Licorice, Wildturtule, Bjergsen, and Meteos are the Fantastic Four of week four of the LCS Spring Split

Week four of the 2019 LCS Spring Split gave Team Liquid its first loss, while Cloud9 and FlyQuest cemented themselves as second and third place, respectively. CLG, Echo Fox, and TSM stand one win ahead of 100 Thieves and Golden Guardians. Clutch and OpTic stand one win behind them.

The Fantastic Four recognizes four different players from different teams that exhibited different strengths in their gameplay. To review the qualifications for these awards, read week one’s piece.

Licorice is The Thing of the Fantastic Four for week four of the 2019 LCS Spring Split
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

The Thing – C9 Licorice

In both of their week four matches, Cloud9 first-picked Urgot for Licorice in the top lane, and in both matches, Licorice delivered. He did not attempt many flashy plays, but he stood firm and owned his lane throughout the weekend. Solo and Dhokla took Sion into the pick, but neither ever got a good engage.

Licorice was the definition of The Thing in week four. He slowly gained his own lead in lane, which allowed Svenskeren to focus on other areas of the map. Cloud9 secured Rift Herald pre-14 minutes in both matches, took first turret and first dragon. None of these moves could be made as effortlessly with a losing top lane.

WIldturtle is Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four for week four of the 2019 LCS Spring Split
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Mr. Fantastic – FLY Wildturtle

The first player to appear a second time in the Fantastic Four, Wildturtle made a comeback in week four compared to week three. V1per on Riven both games, lower quality opponents and a few other factors played into FlyQuest’s hands, but Wildturtle playing better contributed just as much to their 2-0 week.

Versus 100 Thieves, Wildturtle farmed up while the game played pretty slow. Most of the action revolved around top lane, but Turtle played the one fight right at the end of the game for the win. Against Clutch, Wildturtle played a more central role on the 6-1-5 Kai’Sa. FlyQuest completely controlled the bottom side of the map, resulting in several dragons. Turtle positioned very well around the Baron at 28 minutes, which basically won the game. These were much better showings compared to FLY’s match-ups with Liquid and Echo Fox last week.

Bjergsen is the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four for week for of the 2019 LCS Spring Split
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Human Torch – TSM Bjergsen

TSM beat the other teams to beating Team Liquid first, and Bjergsen crushed both week four match-ups. His mid lane Jayce became a menace versus OpTic Gaming, ending the game with a 15.0 KDA. Bjergsen’s Zoe controlled mid lane against Jensen in game two, finishing with a 3-0-7 scoreline. Snowballing with both of these characters feels so oppressive, since they throw long range poke constantly.

Broken Blade could be this week’s Human Torch, as well. The Jax pick essentially won the game for TSM against TL, and his Urgot was scary on day one. Bjergsen simply had tougher opponents, and was the first to make Jensen look weakened. Both solo laners played very well in week four, and TSM will need more of the same to climb the standings.

Meteos is the Invisible Woman of the Fnatastic Four for week four of the 2019 LCS Spring Split
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Invisible Woman – OPT Meteos

Meteos started two more games for OpTic, and week four demonstrated why he might be in over Dardoch. Although OPT lost to C9 and TSM, Meteos looked pretty strong on Olaf in both games. He never seemed to roll over, which is a good sign for a struggling team. Against TSM, OpTic was actually winning most of the game. Meteos was involved in early dragons, Rift Herald, first turrets, and took the double kill and Baron at 23 minutes.

Versus Cloud9, Meteos had a similar early game, killing Licorice twice top lane and taking first dragon. Unfortunately, Cloud9 took good fights and Baron at 20 minutes, which ended the game early. He may not get Olaf every game, but OpTic should probably leave Meteos in as starter. Their early games are going well with him.



Images from LoL Esports Flickr

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