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League of Legends Teases Upcoming Shan Hai Scrolls Skin Release

League Shan Hai Skins

There is never a slow day in the world of League of Legends. In the afternoon of Thursday January 28, League of Legends revealed a cryptic message to its fans regarding mysterious scrolls discover on a mountain. The pieces of parchment hold more than just beautiful artwork. Potentially these messages are hints towards the release of the anticipated Shan Hai champion skins.

The four lines of characters matches up very nicely with the four champions that are slated for the new skins. Players have already seen what the skins will look like for three of the champions, as they all are currently being used in the latest Team Fight Tactics patch. Cho’Gath, Neeko, and Nautilus all have shown off their new Shan Hai skins, although in a small version.

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Jhin is unfortunately the last character in the cycle to not show off his new cosmetic inside the game. The recent announcement for the scroll skins could be a nod that players will soon get to play with the new outfits. The Shan Hai Scrolls skins are currently in the client for players to window shop, but have not been made officially available yet.

The Shan Hai Scrolls skins are most likely the next set of skins released. The skins follow right behind the Lunar Beasts skins, accompanied by the release of Viego. Keep on the lookout for the official announcement for the skins. Potentially the skins could be available as early as next week, but only time will tell when the new cosmetics are added to the shop.

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