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League of Legends Season 13 Start Date and Time

League of Legends Season 13 Start

With the League of Legends Season 12 end date likely in November, people are already going to start wondering, when does Season 13 of League of Legends begin? This means a new chance at increasing one’s rank along with a slew of new great content. While nothing for Season 13 has been announced yet, fans should expect something good to be added. Here is a look at the League of Legends Season 13 start date and time.

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The biggest additions to League of Legends Season 12 were the two dragons that were added. Chemtech and Hextech. While Hextech has been received well, Chemtech was certainly not. The keyword there being was, Chemtech was removed after two patches of being in the game officially. Fans were not a fan of the invisibility that spread throughout the map. In a surprising move, the devs removed it and are working on a way to add it back into the game in the future.

When looking for when the season starts, it is generally easy enough if one looks at the seasons before. It is almost always about a month after the last patch of the year.

Sticking to that mindset, one would expect the end date to come the first Wednesday of January in 2023. That means that the League of Legends Season 13 Start date will likely be January 4 at 11:59 pm local time.

It is still a bit far away to confirm this but all signs are pointing to this being the end date with how methodical the League of Legends team is.

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