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League of Legends

League of Legends Renata Glasc Revealed as New Support

League of Legends Renata Glasc

After being teased and leaked for the past two weeks, Renata Glasc was finally revealed as the next League of Legends champion. She will be a support that brings a very unique playstyle to the game and one that will surely have fans discussing her at length. Here is what is known about League of Legends Renata Glasc.

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Whether fans will know her as Renata of Renata Glasc, she will certainly be seen by the community in a big way. Her ultimate is something that many fans have wondered about the Riot Dev team doing for some time now and it seems as though they have figured it out. The ability to control other champions’ attacks may seem overpowered but it may be enough to keep her out of solo lanes and in the bot lane with the way it is being described as of now.

Her aroma and status as a Chem Baron will also be very interesting lore-wise. She is the first Chem Baron from Zaun to make it into the game after many lore fans have been speculating the release of one for some time now. Renata Glasc feels like a character that may even make her way into the hit show, Arcane in season 2. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Zeri do the same in the future.

Either way, the game developers at League of Legends continue to find new angles to take on their champions. Renata Glasc feels like a unique addition and one that fans will likely gravitate towards. She could be much stronger than many were anticipating but hopefully any major problems will be solved on the PBE.

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