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League of Legends: RadianceGG’s Emergence on the LoL Scene


RadianceGG is one of the newest League of Legends teams that has emerged in 2019. They announced the soft launch of the organization in mid-February and their League team followed one month later.

Now, they’ve been dominating on the rift in semi-pro and amateur tournaments. Their play in the Dark Star Gaming tournament these past few weeks was phenomenal and they’ll be matched up against UCI Esports in the final round later this month. It’s safe to say that the chemistry is flowing with this group, as they haven’t lost a series yet.

PlayerOne Esports Tournament

Round one of this season’s PlayerOne tournament was full of competitive action between Radiance and Bloody Gaming. Radiance’s sheer talent seemed to be the driving force in their 2-0 series win, as well as stellar play in the jungle. Nathan ‘TheOddOrange‘ Ryan single-handedly won the first match for Radiance by styling on the opposition with Lee Sin. His pathing was spot-on and led to perfectly executed ganks. This early advantage gave Radiance the jungle pressure they needed to secure five dragons in a row, adding to their already immense lead.

Image Courtesy of @RadianceGG on Twitter

TheOddOrange did a fantastic job of landing abilities onto important targets, which allowed the rest of the team to play more aggressive. Jackson ‘KatEvolved‘ Dohan played a big role in fights by landing long-range bubbles with Zoe. The overall DPS was too much for Bloody Gaming, which resulted in a lot of kills for Radiance’s carries.

Match two was similar in the fact that Radiance stayed true to their high DPS composition. Cuong ‘Aetheres‘ Ta pulled out Akali in the top lane and proceeded to smurf on the opposition. His final scoreline of 11/1/1 was a result of proper positioning and gold-funneling from their jungler, TheOddOrange. With plenty of pressure on the top side of the map, Aetheres was able to build up a solid advantage in the early stages of the game. This allowed him to snowball and eventually destroy the enemy team.

High Hopes on a Steep Climb

Overall, Radiance has looked rather sharp in their first two tournaments. Of course, let’s not forget the fact that they were already a team before they had the ‘RAD’ tag next to their names. However, they still have plenty to work on before they get any thoughts of professional play.

High-damage compositions are typically more vulnerable and less tanky, so Radiance can be prone to getting caught out and cut down fast. Over-extending and not respecting the movements of opponents has been the peak of their downfall, as well as impulsive plays. These qualities can all come in the form of diving the enemy team alone, not warding the river, misjudging opportunities, etc. Most of these issues will be resolved over time with practice and experience, but it’s certainly something they should be talking about.

Radiance Jurassiq
Jurassiq (left) with Chance The Rapper (Image Courtesy of @JurassiqLoL on Twitter)

Clarence ‘Jurassiq‘ Mabansag has to be sharper in order for Radiance to hit their stride. He’s clearly a very talented player, however his death totals in their two matches against Bloody Gaming stick out like a sore thumb. Through two matches, Jurassiq totaled 13 deaths with just 10 kills to show for it.

To his defense, he was one of the main targets in most skirmishes, but surely he can play smarter. It’s very important in this era of League to keep the ADC alive for as long as possible, so hopefully the rest of his teammates can do a better job of peeling for him in the future. Jurassiq is the self-proclaimed ‘best Lucian NA’, but it wouldn’t hurt to consider playing a few different champions to give him better opportunities in-game.

A Bright Future Ahead

The sky is the limit for Radiance as they surely have enough talent to make a lasting impact on the LoL scene. Every member of the team is a well-known face in the community and has the skill to potentially play professionally. There’s a very long road ahead, but Radiance is currently on the right path.

Their upcoming finals matchup against UCI Esports in the Dark Star Gaming tournament will take place on April 26th. Until then, they’ll be battling teams in the PlayerOne Esports tournament where they’ve already made it past the first round.


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