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League of Legends Pulsefire Event Guide

League of Legends’ newest event has arrived. The Pulsefire event has a lot to it as most League of Legends events do. It will be lasting four weeks or so which means that it will end sometime in early to mid-June. Likely on Patch 10.12. Earn Pulsefire tokens by playing games and completing the tasks given to you. With this event, there are plenty of things to get tokens for, along with brand new skins. Now, here is a guide for the Pulsefire event.

New Pulsefire Skins

A few champions that had been needing skins are finally receiving them. Along with Lucian getting a prestige skin, this line definitely receives a major upgrade. Each one costs 1350 RP as most new skins do. While chroma’s for these skins can be bought with Pulsefire tokens, the skins themselves cannot.






Pulsefire Shop

The shop is full of bundles that can only be bought with RP. If people do not feel like spending money, they can earn Pulsefire tokens through playing games and completing different assigned tasks. Normally these will require people to play with certain champions, earn gold, get a certain amount of kills or just play a certain amount of games. Along with the new skins, the Astronaut skins both old and new will also eventually come out on the shop as well. Here is a look at everything that can be bought either in the store or the Pulsefire Shop.

Pulsefire Bundles

Pulsefire Token

Pulsefire Shop


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